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Corruption in UP Police reaches to new high: Taking lives of their own colleagues for a gangster

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The real and rare face of up cops was seen during the wretched night of 2nd and 3rd July, where up police lost its 8 brave policemen in a conspired shootout at Bikru village in Kanpur district.

The scary and terrified face of that rusted police department was busted when in further investigation it was found that colleague of those 8 brave matryers played a role of traitor in that shootout conspiracy. It was found that SI Vinay Tiwari was helping gangster Vikas Dubey in execution of all his illegal works and Vinay Tiwari acted as a shield for him in all his illegal and unlawful activities, not only SI but entire local police station of Chaubepur was involved in that horrified shootout.

There was nothing surprising that police was involved in that conspiracy, UP police is very well known for being traitor, corrupt and harassing the common people. Corruption in police department is like the regular dawn and dusk that we see in the sky, it has now become universal truth.

Reform in entire police department of Uttar Pradesh is much needed and it must be done as early as possible because now roots of corruption in entire police department is such strong that it is killing it’s own people, till now only common people were victims of police but now they are not leaving their own colleagues.

It is very common in Uttar Pradesh that if a common man is suffering and he needs the help of police then it is like he or she has to bribe the police no matter he is on right side or wrong side.

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