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Why only certain lives matter?

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It is no surprise that when #BlackLivesMatter movement in US turned into massive rioting and looting, the hypocrites in India took it as an opportunity to unleash another attack on the silent majority by linking it with all kinds of #XLivesMatter where X would be anything and everything that can be used to further the propagandas of pseudo-liberalism and leftist narrative in India.

A Twitter user calling out the hypocrisy of an organized PR campaign being run on social media

Suddenly every life started mattering except the Hindu lives, the life of a community facing cultural and political invasion for centuries. First, black lives in US were absurdly equated to Muslim and Dalits in India accusing Hindus of false white-nationalists like supremacy. PR campaigns are being run paying Bollywood celebrities and social media influencers to reinstate in young minds guilt against their own roots. So-called intellectuals and journalists have openly wished for similar rioting in India. The voices begging for #AllLivesMatter are being shamed for demanding ‘equality’ while the voices selectively targeting and defending the communities are being hailed as ‘heroes’. Ironically, these heroes are nowhere to be seen when cities are burnt and vandalized, harming ALL not just some X, Y, and Zs, except when they are themselves terrorizing the streets.

More often than not such protests are staged by anti-establishment groups, funded by opposition, hostile foreign governments, insurgents, and terrorist organizations to create civil war. And then we have keyboard warriors who not only remain selectively quiet but also feel proud about large scale destruction everywhere except their neighborhoods, mob lynchings of everyone but not the members of the communities who are their ‘friends of convenience’. They are so used to getting privileges in the name of victimhood that they are ready to support anarchy if that is what it takes.

Snapshot of violence during the siege of several areas in Delhi including Seelampur-Jaffrabad and Shaheen Bagh by anti-CAA rioters
Snapshot of violence during the siege of several areas in Delhi including Seelampur-Jaffrabad and Shaheen Bagh by anti-CAA rioters
(Image source: https://swarajyamag.com/politics/explained-northeast-delhi-riots-from-terror-hotbed-and-influx-of-bangladeshi-illegals-to-70-day-siege-and-economic-chaos)

In true sense #NoLivesMatter to such opportunist vultures who are constantly on look-out for free passes for riots, murders, rapes, robbery, and civil unrest. Any issue which suits their agenda of gaining public sympathy for political and economic freebies becomes their own for the time being. The number of Blacks killing Blacks or Blacks killing Whites in America, for instance, is far higher than statistic of Whites killing Blacks, but that becomes immaterial as long as our communists get to demean the majority community in India for a single unrelated crime miles away.

Examples of what lives have  mattered in India in the recent past:
#AfzalGuru’sLifeMattered and matters till day in JNU (what if he was an enemy of India)
#RohitVemula’sLifeMattered (because a lady who locked horns with Congress prince had become the new HRD minister)
#RiyazNaikoo’sLifeMattered (because keeping terror aside, he was a maths teacher)
#PalgharSadhu’sLifeDidn’tMatter (because a failed CM is somehow the best CM in the galaxy)
#KamleshTiwari’sLifeDidn’tMatter (because he was just a Hindu)
#AnkitSharma’sLifeDidn’tMatter (because he was murdered by a party’s illegal Bangladeshi votebank)

Youth Congress workers slaughtered a cow in Kannur in full view of the public
Youth Congress workers slaughtered a cow in Kannur in full view of the public
(Image source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/youth-congress-workers-slaughter-cow-in-kerala-market-animal-activists-cry-foul/story-MW0w6xgd17R15CEBrjMAoN.html)

#JalikattuBullLivesMatter (how dare Tamilians celebrate their tradition)
#DiwaliBirds&DogsLivesMatter (just like Karwa Chauth is regressive but Burqa is not)
#UttarakhandHorseLivesMatter (because the state is BJP ruled)
But somehow,
#CowLivesDon’tMatter (because cow is sanghi)
#GoatLivesDon’tMatter (because Eid is sacred)
#Birds&DogsLivesDon’tMatter (because Christmas and New Year need firecrackers)
#ElephantLivesDon’tMatter (because it’s in God’s own country of 10000% literacy)

Brutal lynching of sadhus in Maharashtra allegedly due to religious profiling
Brutal lynching of sadhus in Maharashtra allegedly due to religious profiling
(Image Source: https://swarajyamag.com/ideas/why-the-palghar-lynching-case-cannot-be-left-with-the-maharashtra-cid)

Flagbearers of equality have problem with #AllLivesMatter because it exposes their hypocrisy, because it deprives them of any chance to partake and support crime under the garb of being innocent victims, because it helps them build a narrative of oppression, because it derides their motive of securing preferential treatment.

India, too, like any other country has seen injustice, violence, and riots. Know that these have been perpetrated on and by multiple communities and not just the one targeted for hypothetical intolerance on a daily basis (surprising many, a sincere look at data will reveal truth which won’t be tolerated by our ‘oppressed rioters’). Popular media is so busy whitewashing the crimes leftist groups and hounding right-wing that they end up putting under the carpet the genuine cases from all the communities which actually deserve justice – this is the ACTUAL PROBLEM unlike a call for equality via #AllLIvesMatter. But, sadly, today ONLY CERTAIN lives matter because 2014 wasn’t favorable and India was ‘supposedly’ a living paradise before then.

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