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Why Indian web series are not so Indian

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Since there is a surge in the viewership of OTT platforms, many people are spending their days and nights on them. Although there are a number of web series made by Indian creators for Indian viewers but you will always feel someone in the background who is cleverly trying to impose western culture in our nation through these series.

Needless to say that most of the web series currently streaming in India are nothing but uncensored and legal porn movies. If you are trapped in any liberal cage then you might say that “What’s wrong in it man, it’s creative liberty. If you don’t like all these things then you don’t watch it. Why do you want to suppress the voice of those creators?” Yes my friends you all are right. Also I say that web series are not the first creation which is serving nudity and vulgarity in India. Many movies have done it much before. But it’s for the first time that on such a large-scale common people of India are being shown characterless

Yes, these craps are doing nothing but exploiting the image of Indian men and women. In most of these web series you will see male characters as Casanova and female characters as sex addicts and uncultured, and the irony is that in many of such contents these characters do not belong to any elite class, they are very common Indian who wear traditional dresses, who are religious, who have families, in short many characters whom you respect in real life you will find them cheap and characterless in these digital platforms.

Intentions of these modern and liberal creators can be understood. They know that most of their viewers are those who are too much obsessed with sexual fantasies. Such audience doesn’t care any values or morals in front of their desires. They are bored from porn and want something more dirty and realistic.

The creators know that if we will show those characters as sex symbols with whom their audience interacts daily in real life then it will help them to gain more traffic. So for their greed of money these web series creators are ready to exploit the image of Indians, destroy the innocence of our children and make the condition of our culture catastrophic. But the most important question that arises here is “Are you as an Indian ready to support them for your dirty desire or will you stand united against these money-minded perverts? “

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