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Why are Bollywood celebrities selective on national issues?

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We all have seen Bollywood celebrities responding to one or the other national issues at some point time as suitable to their ideologies but only seldom have we seen them really sharing an opinion on national issues and really pursuing it. Even if there are any, they are actually quite a few in absolute numbers. While this may be seen in the purview of their personal opinion but when it comes to national interests their inert and selective approach is really surprising. At times, Bollywood celebs have come out to show solidarity towards some of the serious issues about a country but either they are quite neutral or they are tilted towards the left-liberals lobby. The recent Bollywood speak up was against the brutal killing of an elephant in Kerala wherein everyone has shared their anger and empathy towards a speechless animal being brutally injured and killed with the use of crackers inside a coconut or we have seen one such showcase of solidarity towards JNU which is infamous for its anti nation activities.

So the real question is when is the last time we have seen Bollywood which not just to entertain people but has continuously kept spreading some specific messages to shape up the society under a definite agenda which was so biased and entertaining that it took more than fifty years for the viewers of the country to realize what content were they consuming for all these years, yes this reference is in context of anti-Hindu agenda-driven by mocking priests, showing them corrupt in contrast of good charactered Maulanas and Maulvis.

It is quintessential to quote here that Bollywood has not been through any major reforms post-independence in terms of their thought process, they still appear to be just an extended arm of left-liberal politicians and intellectuals. Bollywood which was provided a status of an Industry during the NDA 1 government still observes dominance of the same old powerful families. As such, for a newcomer in such a dominant world of Bollywood, it becomes a matter of adjustment to get work and speak up only on preferential subjects best suited for their existence.

Well needless to say that maturing Indian Janta now understands the double standards of not just the politicians but they do also understand the hypocrisy of their most loved celebrities and then they do expect them do act responsibly and show solidarity towards their own country. It is a wake-up call now for Bollywood celebs!

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