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What is Maharashtra missing in this Covid-19 fight?

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Corona Virus pandemic has left the whole world crippled. Despite its epicentre in China, it has caused severe damage in developed countries like USA, Italy and Germany. These are the countries which are best regarded for their healthcare systems. But this new edition of Corona Virus has paralyzed their systems like never before.

One thing which was widely said that India would not be able to fight this pandemic effectively as we have the dense and slum population. So at community transmission level Indian health system will fail to withstand the spread. But our Indian-ness has helped us to overcome those understandings. We are defiantly having a bad time dealing with the economy, migrant labours, industries but talking about lives we have done fairly well as a whole country. cause yes all lives matter.

But when we talk about Maharashtra alone, the newly formed Maha-Vikas-Aghadi government is trying to contain the situation. But the lack of the understandings between the three heterogenous allies is stopping CM Uddhav Thackeray from taking tough decisions. On the other hand, DyCM Ajit Pawar still seems upset with his own Uncle Sharad Pawar. Even Sharad Pawar who is the guardian angel of the government is silent. Yes, his silence is disturbing for many. And as always congress is at hibernation just waiting for the right time. So it has all landed on Shivsena Itself meaning Uddhav Thackeray has to deal with all alone.

CM Uddhav Thackeray lacks administrative experience and the ability to deal with Babus. Hence the execution part of the Maharashtra government is largely ineffective. But well-managed media and PR agencies are doing a good job to protect CM’s image.

Despite all Maharashtra People are missing Fadnvis for one thing which is CM Medical Assistance Cell. The cell was formed by then CM Devendra Fadanvis to assist the poor people of the state in medical emergencies. The cell went on being very popular among the people as it actually helped people in need. The responsibility of the cell was born by one of the much-respected officer Omprakash Shetye. He was then CM’s Officer on Special Duty with the special charge of CM Medical Assistance Cell.

This cell was no less than an angel for the people in Maharashtra. Earlier the maximum assistance amount was just 25000 but then CM Devendra Fadanvis increased it to whooping 3lacs per person. Omprakash Shete made sure that the amount goes in the right hand. He did many good reforms such as transferring amount directly to the hospital amount through NEFT. Patients had to submit the quotation from the hospital and after the background verification, the amount would directly go to the hospital account. If the treatment is not done within the given period the hospitals were bound to refund the remaining amount.

He enforced all the charity hospitals to reserve seats for the poor and the charity act. He connected all hospitals on a single website which showcased the real-time availability of the beds. Hence poor people could actually get good treatment. He imposed heavy fines on the hospitals denying to cooperate. Because of his efforts, poor people could get the treatments in the hospitals like Leelavati, Bajaj, DY Patil, Jaslok, Bombay etc where poors feared to step in.

Even the costly surgeries like Heart Transplant, bone marrow, kidney transplant were carried out as special cases. Even in some emergency cases, the CM Medical Assistance cell arranged air ambulance.

Many times the head of the cell went out of the way to help patients in need. In many cases he raised funds from the individuals, NGOs, CSRs, to help people. In four and a half year, he managed to raise and donate 600 Cr under CM Medical Assistance cell and 900 Cr from Charities totalling to whooping 1500 Cr. The cell helped 21 lakh patients from all over Maharashtra.

The cell raised money from various temple trusts like Shirdi Sai Baba Trust, Suger industries, CSR, Tata Trust etc. They took extra efforts to bring in the donations and made sure it reaches to the needy people.

And unfortunately, this cell was shut down by the new government. The government should have used this cell effectively. The expertise of the man who took this cell to a new height Mr Omprakash Shete would have proved beneficial. But sadly Hundreds of people have visited the seventh floor of the Mantralay with hope to get assistance but the notice on the door says cell is closed and do not inquire.

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