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Time to stand behind the Army

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For the last three months everything is getting tensed on the border day by day. If we go to the April it seemed that there was a normal fight on the border that usually happened at the disputed areas along border. Months passed, talks have been done on many level to de-escalate the matter. But the incident that took place on the 15 June changed all the situation on the border as well as in the country. In that fight our 20 army personnel killed in action(Martyred) showing extreme valour for the safeguard of mother land.

No one knows what the actual situation is on the border and what is being talked in the high level meeting held on various level whether it is military level or diplomatic level. Everyone knows it is 21st century that is far more different than 20th century in various aspect. But I am going to talk on one aspect that is Information circulation that leads to the questioning of Army and Government.

In today India everyone wants gossip that is easily available on the various social media. There is no problem when it limits to the other subject but when it is about the Army and their way of handling things on sensitive issue like border disputes, it is not that simple to talk because very few persons understand the critical conditions of border areas. Asking question in these days very easy, it is just buttons on your phone or keyboard. India is a democracy and every person has the right to ask question. Yes they are right but it is not same in this case.

When you question Army and Government at the time of war like situation, it only deteriorates the morale of the Army personnel who are standing tall on the border without thinking about their life and family. They are ready for the supreme sacrifice to maintain the integrity of India. If an army person can give his whole life for the nation then as a responsible citizen we also have some duties in this critical situation. Can’t we keep these questions reserved for the time when this situation get sorted? It is said that there is always a proper place and time to ask question. Questioning every time never gives satisfactory response. This is applied to all political party of the country whether a ruling party or opposition party.

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