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Sinister attempts to portray Hindutva as antisemitic

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There were always attempts to brand Hindu or Hindutva as an extremist or a regressive concept which the world must shun. The mocking of Indian culture, yoga and many gifts of Sanatan Dharma is due to this. In India, Hindus are shown to be in a constant clash with the next two major religions, Islam and Christianity. They form around 14% and 2% of our population according to the 2011 census. Yet, there are states where they form the majority.

However, when we take into consideration the international religious composition, Hinduism comes 3rd followed by Christianity, Islam and unaffiliated people according to Pew Research Centre. Jews stand in the 8th position and form only 0.18% of the world population. In India they are around 0.2% of the population.

Jews have been a persecuted community and still bear the brunt of antisemitism in Europe and USA. India was the only country where they did not face any sort of religious persecution from the major religious group i.e. Hindus. Quoting from this article “Anti-Semitism in India has surfaced through the threats or rhetoric of Islamic organisations such as Lashker-e-Toiba, who have declared Jews and Hindus to be enemies of Islam”.

Drawing false equivalences between Hindutva and Nazism

Let me make it clear, I am using the term Hindutva with Hinduism interchangeably. Not that it means they are two different concepts like the left narrative says. Since the Jews are a minority worldwide and in India, there are attempts to twist facts and portray Hindus as antisemitic. Thereby building a perception that Hindus are not only clashing with the majority, but also with a persecuted minority. This is the reason why some ‘Opposition’ leaders have been trying to equate Hindutva with Nazism, using pretzel logic. The same parties who support Palestine to secure their vote bank.

Tweets from an INC Politician

This must not be seen lightly as the Hindu swastika is being branded as a Nazi symbol, though they are different. Both of them vary in looks and have different histories behind it. The Hindu swastika is older. This was in full display as the swastika was desecrated during the Indian version of intifada under the guise of anti CAA protests.

But there is a significant fact which they hide while attempting to showcase Modi as Hitler. It is about Hitler’s meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. He had told Hitler they had some common enemies i.e. the English, the Jews and the Communists. This is a full record of their conversation.

Hitler’s meet with Haj Amin al-Husseini

Audrey’s sinister attempts

Audrey Truschke is a notorious character who engages in the art of covering up Mughal atrocities in India. Her favourite ruler being, Aurangazeb. She has left no stone unturned while attempting to demonise Hinduism and Hindus.

Audrey’s attempts to equate Hindutva with Nazism

The difference between her and other Western Indologists is that she tries to provoke Hindus by glorifying a bigoted tyrant like Aurangazeb and then terms the backlash as ‘antisemitism’. What a malicious way to distort and twist the perception! Audrey tries to show that she is being attacked just for being from a particular religion! Thereby, proving the “Nazi Hindutva” bandwagon true, despite no evidence or a logical backing. Nowadays, anyone can make a profile with some Hindu symbols and carry out false flag attacks like these.

Audrey’s lame attempts to portray Hindus as antisemitic


Their agenda behind making such a perception is twofold. One, is to bring in the bogus theory of India being a dictatorship and the next, is to show Hinduism as an oppressor which has clashes with a global minority. The propaganda behind emphasising Modi’s vegetarian diet with Hitler’s is also a part of it. In a country like India, where vegetarianism is a diet habit of a significant number of people, it can be used to create a distorted perception about us.

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