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Online education!

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Lockdown has given us chance to usher in new era of education, as most of schools started online classes to avoid the void. SCHOOL FROM HOME is completely a new and evolving concept for us.
It has merged the role and responsibilities of teachers, parents, and students. This is the most creative and positive aspect of online learning. All are equally engaged! Teachers became more accountable. Parent have to put more involvement. And students are learning to use technology for better purpose.
But, this whole thing is equally awful for some. Those who don’t have quality internet connection or required devices and schools which don’t have set up to conduct online classes are succumbed to remain inactive and detached. And this is creating new disadvantaged section in society. Digital divide is new face of inequality! Besides this, distance learning and virtual interaction has its own consequences also. Students are missing several (mainly out of academic syllabus) learnings which they acquire in physical schools.

All this make it clear that we can’t rely on online teaching as a sole way of education (at least in present scenario). It is true that, it can’t and shouldn’t replace traditional learning but it can be considerable add-on to traditional schooling. And appreciable option to continue education process in emergency situations like the present one (Corona pandemic and lockdwon). So, we should get ourselves ready for such advancements. Government policies towards digital inclusivity is the requirement of time.

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