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Odisha BJP reshuffle: 5 women vice- presidents; Smruti Mahila Morcha president; Irashish Yuva Morcha president

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Bhubaneswar: Odisha BJP has undergone a reshuffle. With the approval of BJP National President Jagat Prasad Nadda, State President of Odisha has announced the newly appointed officials and state executive of the BJP. There are 10 vice presidents, five general secretary, including an organization secretary, and four secretary. In addition, 161 permanent invited members, 30 special invited members and 75 state executive members have been announced.

President –
Sameer Mahanty

Vice President –
Sangeeta Singhdeo, Aparajita Sadhngi, Balbhadra Majhi, Bhaskar Madhei, Nauri Nayak, Lalithendu Vidyadhar Mohapatra, Sukeshi Oram, Bhrigu Bakshipatra, Prabhati Parida and Anita Shubhadarshini Pattnayak.

General Secretary –
Ravi Nayak, Prithviraj Harichandan, Golak Mohapatra, Lekhshree SamantSinghar.

Organizing Secretary –
Manas Kumar Mahanty

Secretary –
Kalandi Samal, Tankadhar Tripathi, Amar Nayak, Abhimanyu Sethi, Naveen Ram, Seemanchal Khatel, Pinky Pradhan, Sipra Vajpayee and Sarmista Meher.

Treasurer –
Sudarshan Goyal.

Similarly within the various front responsibilities –

Mahila Morcha President –
Smruti Pattnayak

Yova Morcha President –
Irashish Acharya

Kishan Morcha President –
Pradeep Purohit

Scheduled Tribes Front President –
Bishweshwra Tudu

Scheduled Caste Front President –
Bivhu Prasad Tarai

Minority Front President –
Sikandar Alli

Treasurer –
Sudarshan Goyal

Office Secretary –
Devendra Nanda

The party has appointed 10 people as state spokespersons.

State Spokespersons –
Sudipta Roy, Pitambar Acharya, Dillip Mohanty, Satyabrata Panda, Jatin Mohanty, Biranchi Narayan Tripathi, Dhiren Senapati, Sonali Sahu, Thakur Ranjit Das and Umakant Patnaik.

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