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Kaun jaat ho and Christian missionaries

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One fine morning I was scrolling through my Facebook posts suddenly I tumble upon a post from a Facebook friend that I know, he shared a post of praising Jesus with some quotes from Bible, for a second I thought he had shared it like other ignorant Hindus do, while saying “Sab Dhram Barabar Hai” as they don’t know the difference between ‘Majhab’ and “Dharm”. After that I start digging more and found out that such posts are shared by him regularly. Two days later I got to meet him and asked him about this (he was a practicing Hindu bearing Tilak on forehead and swarn by jaat), he simply replied he had left Hindu Dharm and he was now a devotee of Jesus, they cured his allergy and promised him that my wife will deliver a son. I asked him who he followed- catholic, orthodox or protestant. He said he didn’t know. I asked who took him there and he replied, a chemist (kabirpanthi by jaat). Then I interacted with that chemist and asked why he converted.

Here comes the “kaun jaat ho” effect, he was a Dalit by caste and someone told him that he didn’t belong to these upper caste people’s Dharm. Swarn tortured his people and exploited them. I tried to make him understand that he belonged to Hindu Dharm and about the Varna system, but all in vain.

After that I got interested to study the situations that led to conversion. I started studying about birth of Christianity and how they spread the “faith or Majhab”. After research I found out that this faith conquers territory or people with force and military rules in the older times, now they use foreign funding, fraud and forced conversion in distant places. Normally we say that the Islam’s empire is drawn with the blood of kafirs, but we mostly don’t know that Christian empires are also built on rivers of blood and corpses of non believers. They destroyed many great civilizations like Yunnani, roman and Mayan civilizations. Let’s look at some examples. First we start with America. Columbus started sailing for Bharat instead reached America and the people found there are called red Indians, the natives of that land, in today’s America no red indians are found. Where did they go? They were ethnically cleansed by these Christian missionaries, the number of people killed is approx 80 lakh.

Next comes the Latin american countries , here the number of people killed could be upto 8 Crore. Many Vatican popes have asked for forgiveness for atrocities done on these people. This shows they have done it and they know it. Next comes the Africa here the number could be 5 Crore, here people are enslaved, sold, murdered and raped. Next comes Europe it is said that Hitler hate Jews and gypsys and killed them in large numbers. The reason is, the Christian missionaries believe that Jews had hand in the killing of Jesus, and in the service of Christianity Hitler killed them. Hence it is proved that Christianity is not a religion of peace and love. Why we need to assert that because they say u will get peace once u got under the umbrella of Christianity, what kind of peace is that? Next example is of witch hunting that was prevalent throughout Europe and other places and lasted over 300 years killing upto 2 lakh women (i.e from 1450 to 1750).

Now come to the point how they came to Bharat and started their atrocities in Bharat. First they came to Bharat as Syrian Christian refugee seeking refuge as they were hunted down by fellow Christians, they landed up in Malabar and they were given full freedom to practice their faith and first church was constructed by Hindu ruler of that time. This was our DNA, in May 1498 Vasco-Da-Gama came to conquer Bharat and spread Christianity followed by saint Xavier and his army in 1542 to convert more people and end up setting “THE GOA INQUISITION” that was a major tool for converting people and killing ones who do not. There is famous “HATKATRO KHAAMB” which was used during this period by so called saint to tie up people who do not convert and cut their hands, kill them for not converting. But none of the pope asked for forgiveness for atrocities done to us because Indian Christians consider them Christian first and Bhartiya second. For more please read the “NIYOGI COMMITTEE REPORT ON CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ACTIVITIES “.

The atrocities done by them can go on for several pages. Now come to the part how can we stop them. After reading and listening to many scholars I came to the conclusion that it can be stopped by educating the society about “SVA DHARM” and the real history of “CHRISTIAN EVANGELISM”. The atrocities done by them to our ancestors and the new fraud technique of their’s, we say Islamist are cruel but these “RANGA SIYAR’S” are more dangerous, they wear “BHAGVA CLOTHES” with cross hanging around their neck, the sang Christian Bhajans, they lure you with money, they target the weaker sections of society, people with ailments, they even start saying that Jesus reincarnated as “VISHNU”. But Christianity doesn’t believe in reincarnation, they spread these frauds to lure you to convert. For a fact Christianity time moves in a straight line not in circular like ours, they say you take birth once and die once. Next comes the “JAATIVADI” structure. We need to stop this nonsense and make society a united place. There is no place for “JAAT” in today’s world and all “HINDUS” are same. Teach your children that and help society to eradicate this stupidity of caste-ism.

Lastly please teach people “DHARM “and its importance for their peaceful existence in this sub continent, otherwise your future generations will not forgive you with having option of death over conversion. Please spread and share this message, convey to every person u meet, if they knew they will think twice before converting.

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