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Is Yogi Islamophobic?

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On 24th of March, 2017 The Washington Post released an article with the title “Meet the Militant Monk spreading Islamophobia in India” but I doubt that the Muslims of Gorakhpur, who have been voting for him since decades, would ever agree with this point of view. The author of the article hardly had any proof of what Yogi Adityanath had done to eliminate Muslims from Uttar Pradesh or deprive them off their rights, all they had were a few quotes from his speeches that were aggressive against those who were doing the “politics of religion” in the state.

People who know yogi Adityanath say that he is a very kind-hearted man, loves nature and animals and is full of compassion.

Before becoming CM, when he was a Mahant in Gorakhpur math, he used to hold meetings with common people called “janta darbaar” where he used to listen to their grievances and solve them. Although janta darbaar was held inside the premises of Gorakhpur temple there were no restrictions on the basis of caste, community or religion.

I read a few articles that mention about two Muslims Zakeer warsi( works for Gorakshanath Chikatsalaya Trust) and Mohammad Yaseen(works with Hindu Yuva Vahini) who feel that Muslim community is safer in Yogi’s regime.

Yogi Adityanath is working selflessly for the state. when it comes to corruption, he is spotless, the law and order situation is better now, the farmers are happier, women are safer and Cows are being protected. so, the left media hardly have anything to feed to masses, all they do is portray him as a Saffron Extremist, which is completely untrue.

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