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Indo China clash: An inevitable bloodbath

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I would suggest to my friends that they should refrain from frying up their grey matter, in regard with the latest India China clashes on the border. No need to inflate one’s ego by giving tutorial to Modi Government in how to conduct business with China.

I know that after 1962 Indo Sino war, which was utter humiliation for Indian side, this bloody clash is the singular most outrageous incident has happened but then it’s also the most important one. No doubt 20 of ours men died in this clash but it was inevitable. If one decipher the whole thing in cold manner then one can easily understand the reason why China went on to make things all bloody, at this juncture of time when China’s goodwill around the world is in question.

The present leadership of China under Xi, is at the receiving end and his position day by day is getting weaker in the Communist Party of China. Various reports from the western intelligent outfits are indicating that dragon is wounded by the Xi government’s handling of Chinese Corona Virus and it’s subsequent effect on her global position as well economy. There was a dire need on the part of Chinese to flex her muscles to tell the world that Dragon is in no mood to back off from the position they have taken in this regard.

The whole Chinese hegemony game plan was going their way up till 2014 but then the come across a stumbling block when they lost their biggest ally, India. Their main asset, Sonia Gandhi governed Congress lost the power and with that their well cultivated left liberal moles lost their muscles.

Chinese handled first Modi government with kid gloves but Modi coming back in 2019 rattled them. Modi government’s handling of Jammu Kashmir matter and cultivating Laddakh as Union Territory along with aggressive claim on Gilgit Baltistan, was a more bad news to China than Pakistan. China was so used to spineless Indian government so far that persistent display of spine by India’s Modi Government was not something which was in China’s interest.

If one look through the Chinese eyes then it’s quit understandable that China could not afford for long, to not to punish India for showing her spine. It was the perfect time for them to do so as right now Modi government is battling in various fronts. After fanning anti CAA protest on communal line, the whole Sonia Gandhi led Congress as well her allies are all out for blood and busy making sure that Corona pandemic drowns the Modi government in the economic mess. So a Chinese punch at this time, which can be claimed by Congress led opposition as well left liberal media, as a Modi government failure then its all music to the ears for Chinese. With this China can hope to see their assets in India getting relevant back into Indian politics and put India back into shelf.

Personally I am mighty pleased with this new development as, it ends the suspense for me. I was looking for long the opening where China will make her move and now its a done thing. Things might go bloody for sometime but I am sure that China will cut her losses very fast. China tested India and what firsthand experience they had, is not something which is going to help them in these tiring times. China cant afford a war with India right now as India doesn’t have any option but to hold on, at any cost. War right now is bad business for Chinese. It will take place but in another time in future.

In present condition my advice to all those Indians, whose blood is boiling with Chinese inflected bloodbath is that instead of preaching the Modi Government, just watch the coming incidents unfolded and cut yours contribution, which you people are making to China’s coffer by buying, selling and using things which bears the stamp of China. Don’t look up for the excuses and blame the Indian government for not breaking ties and business with China, as India cant afford it right now as Indian economy is addicted to Chinese.


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