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Humanity failed: Time to wake up

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Biological brains rooting to microbiology topics Voicing for righteousness makes my life worth living with head held high and mind devoid of junk obsolete files.

The nation has been taken aback with the fast spread of a news which is hard to believe but unfortunately true. Such a barbaric and heinous activity of humans which forced a pregnant elephant to succumb to death can never be tolerated. Elephants were, once upon a time being the glory of a king’s army, symbolical of power and valour.

Indian mythology has also depicted a big significance of the mammoth. The lord himself adorns to “Gajanana besa” on the occasion of sacred “Snana purnima” at Puri (odisha). We have known our goddess Lakshmi to have one of the forms in the form of an elephant (Gajalaksmi). Our elephant god Lord Ganesha also has been revered to be worshiped first before performing any religious event. They have been considered to be symbols of good luck and prosperity.

But we didn’t take a small moment to ponder on the simple fact that for a mere act of having fun and entertainment, a mother and her baby lost their lives. How can we forget the basic human values to live and let live?

Elephants have always been good friends to human race since time immemorial. The Bollywood too has projected the fearsomeness of elephants in the movies like Bahubali-the conclusion, being a very recent example. The tusker, being so innocent faced, and helpful can actually be an enemy of the hard hearted and cruel. Elephants are considered to be the largest land animals and known to be very expressive with their emotions. This act of humans, intentionally pushing an innocent expectant mother to death can’t be a glorious example for these tusker herd, since they are known to harbour good memories. Human race has nullified it’s superiority to a meagre zero by such activities. The unconscious human mind has often forgotten that we share the planet with so many other wonderful creations of the supreme power. Instead, it has always expressed its ardent power to captivate the weaker by its strength or win over the powerful with its wit.Humans being bestowed with the capacity to use their brains have very often misutilized it to cause harm to its fellow creatures.

This cruel and so apathetic deed of humans towards the mammoth can never be excused in the pages of history. Yes, today we have failed and failed miserably to be humane and a bit more responsible in saving our planet for our future generations. We cannot be called as the supreme creation of the almighty with the baggage of such guilt. Such kind of atrocious activities can never be shared with our kids whose development of moral values and conscience rests on our shoulders.

The effect of worldwide pandemic of corona virus has made us aware about the presence and win of an unseen enemy which is microscopic but has emerged so powerful to shake our survival. We can’t deny a time when again nature would throw a rebellious slap because we have exploited it’s resources and disturbed it’s natural balance.

The moment we understand that all of us residing on Earth share equal space and moral duty to coexist, is still a long way to go. We need to understand that an additional accumulation of wealth and being self centred towards own comforts can never be a sustainable approach towards a better future. We can’t indulge to an extreme point of selfishness till mere sustenance becomes difficult. Nature has been kind to satisfy human needs till date but excessive greed of mankind can definitely push us to a steep cliff which would lead to a deep fall.

A deep introspection can definitely conscious our conscience and sharpen our foresight towards the dream of spending a happy perfect time with our kids who have every right to enjoy a better tomorrow. We have to definitely find out some quality time to pause a little and think deeply about the long term impact of our actions and always keep a close check on all our pursuits towards a sustainable development. A well balanced approach and certain small acts of moral consciousness can help us grow as a nation and can contribute to various initiatives taken globally to save our planet and make it a better place to survive for generations to come.

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Biological brains rooting to microbiology topics Voicing for righteousness makes my life worth living with head held high and mind devoid of junk obsolete files.
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