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animal cruelty

An interference into natural selection

Don't we feel guilty enjoying luxury and better life conditions while we exploit Nature and enslave all species? Is this Being Human?

PETA compares Artificial Insemination to rape: Mums remain mum

Peta comparing artificial insemination with rape is quite derogatory for women. Peta is a hypocritical organization which indulges in killing of animals.

आखिर मैं तो एक माँ थी

विस्फोट अनानास एक गर्भवती हथनी ने खा लिया। तड़पने के बाद वह और उसका गर्भस्थ शिशु इंसानों की इस दुनिया को अलविदा कह गए। उस पीड़ा को महसूस करने की कोशिश करके देखिए.......

Humanity failed: Time to wake up

The nation has been taken aback with the fast spread of a news which is hard to believe but unfortunately true. Such a barbaric...

Cruelty with animals under the umbrella of tradition

Does our ancient culture have really supported Jallikattu? It has not! Find out how and why.

Jallikattu vs so called “concerned” people about animals

Those concerned personalities who are breathlessly opposing Jallikattu, should once go to butcher shop at the time when a fresh animal is being slaughtered for the day's business. They will understand what cruelty towards animals is.

Shocking pictures of elephant cruelty in Indian temples, and a truth

The poor mammoth was being bathed with cold water in the warm afternoon unnecessarily bringing some relief from the heat. The cruel mahouts didn't care to ask for the elephant's permission to bathe it. What a brutality!

RTI raises questions against AWBI

PETA trying to malign India's name

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