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CCP has reasons to be “terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied”

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China with rapid creation of wealth during the last decades has certainly gotten emboldened, has become a bully for quite some time now and nobody paid much attention to its shrouded misdemeanors all along during the times of rosy trade pacts, cultural exchanges and cozy sponsorships. But its sheer recklessness has been a concern lately and is pushing the world to dangerous levels. A lot of interwoven factors affecting China are inadvertently at play, are being weighed in simultaneously and the stakes are high for all, whether you like it or not.

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Coronavirus, South China Sea, Trump, floods, badly hit economy, boycott Chinese business choruses, brewing domestic dissent, Xi Jinping legacy, Uyghur Act, Coup threat etc are some multifaceted issues simultaneously affecting china and its rulers. So, what does a cornered cat do? As for its natural animal instincts it will fight back and this is exactly what Chinese regime is doing: fighting back against its odds. But their plot now is becoming sinister and the fallout is getting more and more dangerous especially when the reflexive animal instincts are getting blended with evil instincts in the heads of irresponsible and unaccountable CCP (Chinese Communist Party) rulers for they are not just animals, per se.

On one hand China’s meteorological department has already warned the regime about two weeks ago regarding the probable high risk of torrential rains, massive floods and large-scale natural disaster that is in the offing. No proper preparations, evacuations were made because Chinese citizens were never a priority for CCP. There are also reports that the regime has mass executed piling number of covid-19 infected patients to drastically cut down the sudden raise of chaotic burden on hospital infrastructure and to radically minimize community infection rate. On the other hand domestic dissent is also slowly brewing on the CCP’s handling of coronavirus and calls for international investigations and accountability was also gaining momentum. The CCP regime badly needed a breather and a diversion.

To divert domestic attention, if China further tangles with Taiwan, Hong Kong or in South China Sea, US and others like UK would directly respond (militarily or economically) and the CCP regime cannot afford direct a confrontation with the US. If the feud is with smaller countries like Vietnam, stakes are less and the regime would not enjoy much leverage with world powers while they start appeasing China to calm down. And if the tussle is with India, US’s direct military help will be denied by India, India is struggling with rising coronavirus cases and reopening economy, has presumably weaker defense arsenal, at the same time stakes are high for everybody when two nuclear powers lock horns, and world powers then will start conciliating China and India to calm down their boarder tensions. And this is exactly what CCP wants and intends to leverage i.e., the world powers wanting to talk and engage with the CCP regime so that CCPs past coronavirus misdeed can be overshadowed, diluted or sidetracked and at the same time domestic dissent can also be diverted against India. So, the desperate Galwan misadventure was hatched by CCP and needless lives have been lost on both the side and there is high risk that many more number of lives are being put at stake in the coming days due to the recklessness of the CCP.

Moreover to achieve its tactical and strategic goal, the CCP has been playing all the tricks from its Confucius play book with India. China proactively engaged in disturbing the existing warmth and friendly relations between India and all its neighbors like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Bhutan, Bangladesh and even further instigates to deteriorate the already sour relations with Pakistan. It has left no stone unturned to encircle and contain India with all the means at its disposal.

But on the other hand, historically and somehow, India has mostly imposed self-censorship against CCP’s hooliganism thus far and has always been shy to confront them vociferously and head-on. Now is the time for India to unleash full-spectrum dominance on CCP: militarily and non-militarily as well. In fact India needs to fast catch-up with China in this regard to counter CCP propaganda, stand its ground firm, reclaim Aksai Chin at any given immediate opportunity and proactively do a lot more to ensure that a genuine tribute is paid to the 20 brave martyred Indian soldiers.

Woefully the CCP regime nor the PLA or its propaganda media outfit the Global Times (GT) have disclosed till now the actual military causalities from China’s side after the sad fallout from night of 15/16 June 2020 at Galwan valley. The 20 brave fallen Indian soldiers were duly acknowledged martyrdom by the whole of Indian society and the world powers, their names were embraced in bold and held close to heart and their last rites were performed with full dignity and state honors which they rightfully deserved.

On the Chinese side, obviously PLA’s level of motivation to grab India’s territory and fight under CCP’s command has become clearly evident by the huge causalities on Chine side despite being outnumbered when compared to Indian soldiers. It is not very surprising but is disheartening to see how CCP regime treats their Chinese soldiers and citizens. Don’t the Chinese soldiers at least deserve a decent recognition as humans by their own government? Are they slaves of CCP regime? Doesn’t the Chinese citizens have the right to know how many of their brothers have fallen; and doesn’t the fallen soldiers deserve a dignifying sendoff?

The sacrifices of Chinese soldiers is wrapped in complete mystery and there are reports that PLA too is unhappy in this regard and has completely gotten demoralized for not getting proper recognition for PLAs sacrifices and for the fallen soldiers by the Chinese government and that they too are getting fed up day by day with CCP’s hooliganism. Some sane voices within the CCP have started challenging Xi Jinping’s handling of state affairs and his absolute authority as well. Hence, Indian government should take this opportunity to immediately erect a memorial in front of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi as a tribute to the 20 Indian fallen braves, an unknown number of fallen Chinese soldiers and for eternal democratic values which India holds high.

In addition to above memorial and as part of India’s full spectrum dominance in the media, online and cultural space as well, India must promptly and effectively respond to CCP’s media propaganda arm Global Times (GT), like no other country has ever before been able to encounter it. When the whole of India stood against China as a single force behind the Indian government and the Indian Army, the CCP and GT has had the audacity to treat whole of India as four baskets of deplorables. They are namely 1) Diehards 2) Ultranationalists 3) Anti-China politicians 4) Intellectuals and middle class who blindly obey Western values. The CCP has exclusive well documented strategy to tackle and manipulate each basket of people in unique ways. For example GT has criticized opinion leaders like Ramdas Athawale, Harbhajan Singh, Sonam Wangchuk etc for calling out CCP’s cunning plans. For that matter, all opinion leaders, politician, MPs, MLA have already been pinned to one of the four quadrants of the CCP’s dashboard for India. And in fact, CCP has such dashboards for all politician for all countries and they have exclusive plans for each of them, a well charted budget to marginalize them or gain, manipulate, buy their influence to advance their agenda.

Now is the time for Indian media to be creative and decimate the GT and CCP’s propaganda and reach out to common peace loving Chinese people. Indian media should also begin to bifurcate China into two baskets 1) Chinese people and 2) Enemies of Chinese People which include CCP. PLA to decide by itself in which basket they would like to be, but India must be sympathetic to ordinary Chines people only and try win their trust. India has got huge cultural influence on the ordinary Chinese people by way of Yoga, Buddhism, and Bollywood etc. Movies like 3-idiots, Dangal, Super 30, Secret Superstar and Hindi Medium etc are loved by Chinese people more than Hollywood movies. Indian Government must fully leverage private stakeholders like Media, freelancers, hackers etc. to best implement this non-military engagement to penetrate deep into China beyond the LOC.

On urgent basis, Indian government should also announce tax incentives to film makers for dubding their blockbuster entertainment content having emotional value into Chinese mandarin language and release them to online portals, dark web for free. This will be a small-time but effective investment that gives long-term dividends for having a peaceful democratic neighbor. Likewise Indian government must also engage large number of freelance hackers for penetrating Indian content and democratic values into the great firewall of China at mass scale for making the message of truth, love and brotherhood reach large number of Chinese people. This way CCP government backed hackers will also be on their toes having to work hard and for extra hours to intensify their firewall, block Indian content and Indian hackers and ultimately good part of their resources will be diverted or exhausted to block the Indian content/message from reaching to Chinese people. Rather they would otherwise focus their IT resources to continue senseless CCP propaganda, to steal intellectual properties, trade secrets, online espionage, weaken foreign adversaries etc.

The CCP must be made to understand that India is different and is not like USA, the all-powerful. India is the Skahti (Energy) and intends to be a Guru (Teacher & Knowledge) which enables countries to become powerful, civilized and enlightened. So CCP must worry more for their evil eye against India and when conspiring against India. In case of a direct confrontation with USA, China might lose few thousands of soldiers, few warships, fighter planes, satellites and couple of hundreds of billions of dollars in trade and slowed down GDP/Economy. But a confrontation with India, CCP will lose its legitimacy and credibility among the Chinese people on the world stage and China will be bound to lose the CCP. India does not want to be powerful nation or rule the world, but as Prime Minister Modi said if messed with, India can show CCP its rightful place and help unburden the Chinese people and the world from the menace of the CCP.

The CCP should have no illusion that India will not yield an inch of land to the paper dragon but if provoked again India will not only recapture its own Aksai Chin but is poised to break the great firewall of China and penetrate deep into the Chinese hinterland and conquer a billion more places in the heart of the Chinese people who will in turn revolt and bring down the CCP to justice. So CCP has a strong and real reason to be “Terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied”.

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