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Ali Sohrab shows his anti-national fangs by calling Sharjeel Imam a “leader”; is the Muslim society shooting themselves on their foot by supporting this claim?

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Muslim activist Ali Sohrab in a tweet called the anti-national PFI leader, Sharjeel Imam, a “compassionate leader who cares about Muslims”. Interestingly, Sharjeel Imam was the person who had called for the separation of Assam from India in an Aligarh protest against the Citizenship Ammendment Act and National Register of citizens. 

The remarks had sparked an uproar in the country, with nationalist sentiments raging against such seditionary speech. As expected, the IIT Mumbai graduate and PFI leader was arrested under the Unlawful Activity (Prevention) Act for provoking anti-India activities in Assam. This week, the hashtag “#SharjeelOurLeader” was trending due to support by various leaders of the Muslim community.

Ali Sohrab has a track record of being involved in anti-Hindu and anti-India activities. In the backdrop of the Ram Mandir verdict in 2019, he was booked for hurting religious sentiments of Hindus by a tweet that is now deleted.

By supporting such leaders who have openly threatened the Union of India, the Muslim society is shooting themselves on their foot since it will worsen their already ugly image. 

The muslim society has made plenty of blunders in the past, which have created an extremely bad impression of them to the nationalist citizens. In 2016, a public funeral procession was organised for Yakub Memon, a convicted terrorist who was found guilty for his involvement in the bombings that rocked Mumbai in the 1990s. This incident had caused many people to stop sympathising with the poverty struck community. It seems that they haven’t learnt from his mistake and are committing it again by supporting Sharjeel Imam.


There’s a tendency of the Muslim society to support such anti-India leaders, which have been a matter of concern for Indian intelligence agencies in the past. The Muslim society needs reform, without which it will only be hated upon by Hindus. A very crucial part of being included in society is that the community adopts local customs and traditions, which the Muslims have bitterly opposed. 

Without doing the same, it seems highly unlikely that the community will receive any acceptance from Indian society. 

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