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Spread of political virus in Gujarat by Congress?

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When India and entire nation and world is fighting against the deadly virus, it’s a matter of shame that many political parties and their leaders are using this situation as an OPPORTUNITY to make base again in Gujarat state after being in opposition for more than 24 years. In this very situation when it is needed for entire nation to stand united why is Gujarat based Congress unit trying to USE this time period for political gains and dirty vote bank?

After the first case of COVID-19 which was detected on the month of March Gujarat congress unit along with all India congress made an attempt to show baseless links between the COVID-19 case and Namaste Trump event which held in Ahmedabad, which made the friendship of India US unbreakable, moreover the event was in the month of February and cases were detected in March and patients were having travel history of UK.

After this failed attempt by Gujarat congress other dirty statements were made by congress leaders wherein they tried to show communal biasness from doctors side in treating the patient, which according to me is worst thing any political party and political leader would do. But yes Gujarat Congress went too low to seek vote bank, yet this time the unity of Gujarat’s stood strong so entire credit goes to citizens of Gujarat for maintain peace, but this attempt of Gujarat congress was worst of all times. 

It is interesting to note that on another side Prime Minister Modi and BJP Chief JP Nadda has instructed party workers/leaders to do “jan seva” by giving ration, food to the needy and helping them in all possible manner. Further more Chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani made sure that on 1st May which is foundation day of Gujarat, every gujarat citizen would take 3 pledges which are

  • I won’t step out of my house without wearing mask 
  • I won’t forget to keep social distance, and principal of “Doo Gaj ki dori” 
  • I will wash my hands regularly and keep sensitizing my hands. 

There are the 3 pledges on which Chief Minister of Gujarat stressed upon. It is clearly visible that where Gujarat government, BJP Gujarat were trying to help it’s citizens in best possible manner and Congress was trying hard to create divisions as much as possible and use this circumstances. There has been regular appeals from Chief minister Vijay Rupani to make public aware that how dangerous this virus is so keeping social distance is a national service and the attempts to start protest by Gujarat Congress are still continuing with new topic everyday in order to divert government’s attention from public service and public awareness to these dirty things. But it seems as if the goal of Gujarat Government to do public service is not hindered by these. More over Gujarat government has also started a campaign called “HUN PAN CORONA WARRIOR” meaning “i am also a corona warrior” the campaign has taken great speed for public awareness.

Its an appeal to each and every political leader to come together in this situation and not to use this as an opportunity to do dirty politics. 

“United we stand, divided we fall”

वंदे मातरम। 

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