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Prime Minister Modi announced 20 Lakh crore economic package for lockdown 4.0 to battle COVID-19

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PM Modi addressed the nation today and inspired the country to fight Covid-19. Prime Minister Modi came live for speech at 21:00 PM fourth phase of the lockdown will be different with new rules and regulations. This was the Prime Minister’s fifth address since covid-19.

PM Narendra Modi said the fourth phase of the lockdown will be in a new form. Researchers say that the novel Covid-19 will be a part of our lives for a long time period. But we cannot give-up our lives remain moderate around it. Masks will be mandatory for everyone and maintain social distancing and after come from outside everyone need to wash hand with sanitizer The new rules will be announced before May 18.

PM Narendra Modi also introduced a complete package worth Rs 20 lakh crore to deal with the crisis. Finance Minister (Nirmala Sitharaman) will announce the details of the attractive economic package from Wednesday. it will be play an important role for labor and farmer he said, adding that the the announcements made by the govt so far, RBI package adds to Rs 20,00000 Lakh Crores or 10% of India’s GDP.

The Prime Minister emphasized on achieving self help for the country at a time when the pandemic has brought the economy. We have to move on with new resolve. This is the prime minister’s fifth address to the nation, including a Live video message, following the outbreak of Coronavirus, which has so far claimed 2,293 lives and infected 70,756.

Financial package should have been announced before 17 May. It is not clear what is in the package for laborers, farmers, traders, and MSMEs. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will declare Sectors

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