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How to stop Islamophobia

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Homo Sapien
Homo Sapien
A commoner, trying to find rationales behind every justified and non-justified human behaviour. These rationales enable us to understand them and if needed, change them.

Every community has two kinds of people, good and bad. The ratio of the good vs the bad is almost similar in every community, say, 10% of all are bad. So, why is that, we hear so much of Islamophobia around the world. First, let’s get the meaning of Islamophobia correctly. Everyone has their own definition, this is mine. Handful radical Islamists and terrorist belonging to Islam spread hate, but people label it on every Muslim. They just paint Islam as the cause of entire hate and violence in the world to such extent that this starts affecting their daily lifestyle. They’ll see a Islamic domestic helper with suspicion, they don’t rent homes to Muslim students and sometimes even discriminate in giving employment even when the person is capable. This is my definition of Islamophobia.

Now that we have got, their point of view, let’s get perspective of an honest Muslim. A Muslim who pays taxes, work with diligence and takes care of his family’s needs, sees people turning heads when he has his cap on. He sees people at the airport suspecting him for rehearsing his holy chants. He sees people being rude to him for no reason at all. And worst of all when someone calls him a terrorist. Obviously that is unfair to him and his family. He sees the same amount of people in other communities putting probably the same level of garbage in the society but they don’t get discriminated against. Thus, he believes Islamophobia is real, there is no other explanation left.

Now the real question, as a muslim, can that person make the world realise that islam has given so many good people to the world. Can he make them realise Islam is known for its rich art and creativity not for hate and terrorism. The answer is yes, yes he can. And you’ll be surprised to know how simple that is. All he needs to do is speak up. Wait not against Islamophobia, that’s what everyone is trying but not helping that much, in some cases even making the situation worse. We don’t kill the devil by taking it head on, we kill it by killing it’s source of power. He needs to speak up against the 10% population of his community. He needs to constantly check himself that he is standing against someone who spreads violence killing innocents, and someone who gives hate speeches of separatism. This doesn’t mean, he has to ignore and stay silent on wrong doings of people in other communities. He just needs to be rational, say what’s wrong is wrong no matter what community the culprit belongs to. When this 10% gets separated from the community, there are no bad people left in the community. Good changes can only come from inside the community. Other communities also need to follow this, but maybe they already are to a decent extent that there are no other phobias of community. 

You might be thinking that why should we highlight malpractices of our community, but no you are only speaking against the person not the community. Soon, the world will know these 90% of good people of Islam, and when they realise the volume of their kindness, they’ll stop labelling the community with violence and hatred. Why should we do it first, why not them? This question can never be answered but I feel the one with the greater heart always takes the first step towards long standing peace.

Your silence is assumed to be supporting the 10% people, and that will continue to happen because that is human nature, we assume what we don’t see. Your voice will bring good to Islam and the world. Soon, there will be only two communities left in this world 90% good and 10% bad, and as soon as that happens the 10% would extinct.

Just so if you’re wondering who is writing this thought, don’t care about that. Try to see if what I’m saying is correct or not. I don’t want your bias based on my name and nationality.

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Homo Sapien
Homo Sapien
A commoner, trying to find rationales behind every justified and non-justified human behaviour. These rationales enable us to understand them and if needed, change them.
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