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Breaking India: Bangla Pokkho in Bengal, like Kashmiriyat in Kashmir

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Sumeet Mehta
Chartered Accountant, Corporate Finance Professional, Author of "Diagnosing GST For Doctors" published by CNBC Books18, and a regular commentator on finance, tax, economy, and corporate laws with various publications.

Bangla Pokkho is one movement to watch out for. They claim to be the outfit fighting for the rights of Bengalis. They also claim to fight for and on behalf of Bengalis over veg vs non-veg food, including Bengali as a medium in government tests, and domination of the Hindi belt in Parliament. They claim that they are doing this for Bengal and the Bengalis. Garga Chatterjee who is connected with TMC is associated with Bangla Pokkho.

Prima Facie, it would look like any regional linguistic movement, like Shiv Sena’s Marathi Maanoos (Person) and Marathi Asmita (Pride) movement, or Tamizh Pride that Dravidian Parties project. But if we scratch the surface we will observe that it is a very smartly devised separatist movement under the guise of linguistic regionalistic sub-nationalism. This is very much in line with the Kashmiriyat that uses local Kashmiri identity as a cover to hide the islamist orientation of Kashmiri separatist movement.

The underlying agenda of Bangla Pokkho movement is United / Greater Bengal / Bangladesh which includes East Bengal (now Bangladesh), West Bengal (part of India), Assam, and Tripura.

In 1947, during Independence of India, Muslim League supported the idea of independence of United Bengal into a separate country. Muslim League knew that it would then aggressively take over the control of Independent United Bengal by demographics and violence and convert it into what current Bangladesh is. As per the plan, Constituent Assembly of Free State of United Bengal would have 30 seats, with Muslims having 16 seats, and non- Muslims (including Europeans) having 14 seats. So, Muslim League knew that they had a majority and could easily steer the state in the direction it wanted, including total Islamisation of the state.

It appears that successors of remnants of Muslim League who stayed back in India and those who migrated to East Pakistan (or even West Pakistan?) haven’t forgotten the grand idea and agenda of their ancestors of having the whole of Bengal, along with Assam and Tripura in their control. The work on regaining control over that lost out part started long ago with series of illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Muslims into India. They acquired ration cards, voter identity cards, and other documents and even land and property in India, at times by displacing locals – especially in parts of Assam and Northern Bengal. This is how they managed to change the demography in favor of Greater Bengal.

After acquiring demographic domination, next step is militant domination and control over the newly encroached area. This is what was happening in Malda in 2016 and now in parts of Kolkata and other places. Malda was a success wherein they were able to paralyse the administration and prove their domination and instill their rule over the area. However, they have started seeing resistance from non-Bengali Hindus who are in huge numbers in parts of Kolkata and other places in Bengal.


Garga Chatterjee’s tweet that created outrage in non-Bengalis and many Bengalis must be seen from this prism of separating Bengal from India and the threat that non-Bengali Hindus (read: Biharis) pose to Islamists in their agenda to take over Bengal from India and merge it with Bangladesh. Creating hate towards Biharis and getting them out of Bengal helps the Islamist agenda of grabbing control over Bengal. Later on the highly educated intellectual secular liberal Bengali Bhodrolok would manage the remaining part of unfinished agenda of agitating against Indian Government’s domination of Bengal and try to get Bengal separated from India. If you read their language you will realise that Bangal Pokkho Gang (read: TMC and Islamists) looks at India as a Federation of States and not as a Union of States. This is exactly the same narrative used by Islamist Separatists in Kashmir who claim that India is a Federation of States and not an Union of States and hence any State has the right to separate from the Nation. Again like Kashmir, Islamists have successfully managed to mask the Islamist agenda of breaking India, with the cover of linguistic regionalistic sub-nationalism, which is Kashmiriyat in Kashmir and now Bangal Pokkho in Bengal.

This again takes us back to 1947, when the then Muslim League member and Prime Minister of Assam Sir Syed Muhammad Saadulla wanted whole of Assam to be merged in East Pakistan, and if that was not possible then at least merge Muslim dominated parts of Assam in East Pakistan. For this he went to the extent of importing East Bengali Muslims in Assam way back before independence to change the demographics of Assam and tilt it in favor of Pakistan. Thanks to Gopinath Bordoloi, Assam is now in India. However, now when we look at Assam, we see many Assamese hating Bengalis (exactly the way many Bengalis hate Biharis, Marwadis, Odiyas, etc etc in Bengal and plausibly outside Bengal too). Again the same agenda – first make Assamese fight with Bengalis and then of course Assamese and Bengali believers will be united to dominate Assam and bring it under the Greater Bengal / Bangladesh fold.

Trying times ahead for India, as descendants of those who voted for Muslim League – irrespective of whether they stayed back in India or migrated to Pakistan work on the unfinished agenda of acquiring what they couldn’t take in 1947. Jinnah had then called the manner in which India was partitioned and Pakistan was created as “mutilated, moth-eaten Pakistan”. If the descendants of Muslim League voters are successful, Jinnah would finally be happy, from wherever he would be seeing the unfinished agenda being completed. Lets not forget the slogan that they repeat umpteen number of times: “Hans ke liya hai Pakistan, Ladke lenge Hindustan”. Secular liberal Hindus are useful idiots in this Great Game.

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Sumeet Mehta
Chartered Accountant, Corporate Finance Professional, Author of "Diagnosing GST For Doctors" published by CNBC Books18, and a regular commentator on finance, tax, economy, and corporate laws with various publications.

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