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Break the chain and follow the measures in case of suspected COVID-19 patients

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The number of COVID-19 hotspots is at a surge and the whole nation is under lockdown. Health authorities are working relentlessly to control the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Everyday new cases are being reported across different regions. There are more than 96,169 cases of COVID-19 positive patients, more than 36,824 have recovered.

In an attempt to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, health experts at AMRI Hospitals have shared some home care tips for patients suspected of COVID-19 with mild symptoms and urged patients and household members to get appropriate knowledge regarding the same to prevent rest of the family members from this deadly disease.

Household members should adhere to the following recommendations:

• Infected persons must be isolated in a well-ventilated room

• Movement of the patient inside the house must be minimized

• Other family members must stay in a different room and maintain a distance of at least 2 feet from the affected person

• Ensure proper hand hygiene by washing your hand with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer frequently, after any sort of contact with the Corona positive person

• Avoid any kind of exposure or sharing items like cigarette, toothbrush or clothes

• Mask must be used while interacting with anyone

• Caregivers must wear a mask covering the nose and the mouth

To manage COVID-19 patients, AMRI Hospitals, teleconsultation hospital in Kolkata has recommended that all laboratory confirmed cases to be isolated in a healthcare facility only. Most of the people who experience mild to moderate symptoms could be recovered without any kind of special treatment. We urge all of you to take necessary precautions and follow the recent guidelines of authorities in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from the deadly virus.

Stay home and stay safe!

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