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A busy Hindu only complains!

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetanhttp://infiniteseaofopportunities.com
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.

A few weeks ago two Sadhus were brutally lynched in a place called Palghar in Maharashtra. In fact the visuals were so disturbing that it was literally impossible to watch the video without a cringe. I generally avoid watching these kind of videos because I am not that strong with the heart. I ended up watching because I saw a video clipping that started from the point when the Sadhu was walking towards the crowd holding a cop’s hand like a small child. Since, at this time we are watching a lot of videos how Policemen are warriors, I thought the video was going to be an example of “how a single cop saved a sadhu from a mob” or may be even better “how a Muslim cop saved a Hindu sadhu from a mob“. What else would come to your mind when you see a person walking next to a police man holding his hand as tight as he could?

In less than a minute, my eyes were wide open, I did not understand as to what happened, the sadhu was in the center of a circle created by people with sticks. Cops were standing at some distance.

Why did the Sadhu go towards the crowd that is waiting to lynch him, instead of running away from them? Why did the Sadhu come out of station in the first place when he knew there is a crowd outside? I thought it was a doctored video.

It turned out that the video was not doctored. It actually happened the way it was in the video. The people that formed the mob would have peed their pants had the cops even cracked a whip in the air. But cops din’t do anything. I don’t know what did the cops want from the Sadhu that the Sadhu wasn’t able to provide. But I know that this was not the first time when the Khaki had betrayed the Sadhus and Khadi had betrayed Bhagva.

I don’t know why people are acting so surprised at this, they should have seen something like this coming when Uddhav Thackeray, digressed from his Hindutva ideology and allied with the anti-hindu ideology. There are always such instances when anti-hindu forces are in control.

Mulayam Singh’s government ordered the  shooting of Sadhus in 1990. On his 79th birthday, the gentleman made the following comments: “It’s matter of shame that we won only 47 of the 403 Assembly seats this time,” he said, adding that even after ordering firing “when the Opposition termed me as a hatyara (killer)”, the SP succeeded in winning over 100 seats in 1993. “They (youths) now are not like those we had in 1993.” Indira Gandhi in 1966 called Army in Delhi to shoot at the naga-sadhus protesting to ban cow slaughter. Although, the official number says 375 sadhus were killed but there are sources that indicates that the number was more than 2500.

Maharashtra government is more interested in making sure that it is not communal issue rather than fixing the problem. The Maharashtra Home Minister, Anil Deshmukh claims that there was no Muslim among the 101 arrested. It is not an irony that Sharad Pawar had invented a thirteenth blast in 1993 in a Muslim area just to prove that 1993 was not a communal attack on Hindu areas. He blatantly lied, there never happened such an attack. All the attacks were in Hindu majority areas. For this lie, he was even praised by Justice Shrikrishna Commission; slow claps!

Is it not surprising that politicians like these do these things in a country that is predominantly Hindu in its very basic nature; not only in terms of population but in terms of the lifestyle? Not only do they come out clean after doing all this, but they easily win the next election. How are they able to float there narrative with such ease?

What is the Hindu so busy with that he doesn’t have time to narrate his own version of the story? 

They called lynching in the name of cows, and the busy Hindu never had time to question the underlying reason for the lynchings i.e. “cow smuggling”. They blamed social media for lynchings and the busy Hindu was confused if cow smuggling is real or a myth. Please have a look at Lynching Whatsapp; In the name of Holy Cow if you are still confused. Ask any of them, they will recite all the names starting from Akhlaq till Tabrez, call India Lynchistan, but the busy Hindu has no clue whatsoever.

They called India the Rape capital of world, the busy Hindu was confused again. Also read: Whose fault is Thomson Reuters Foundation’s survey?

India is the only country where leftists / communists are liberal and Isalmists are secular. How did that happen? Mao’s Communist China leaped forward with more than 30 million dead, is that liberal? The busy Hindu never had enough time to question these labels. Why can’t Right be liberal and secular? They said they are liberal and the busy Hindu believed; they said they are secular and the busy Hindu agreed. Since when did Bollywood become intellectual? They are plagiarists. They said and the busy Hindu believed. They not only steal Hollywood, they also steal from the South India. Good bye creativity!!

They said a lot of things, they demonized Hinduism but the busy Hindu just couldn’t take out time from his busy schedule to react. Did you notice Sati system in Ramayana/Mahabharata? Did Satyavati or Kunti burn themselves when there husbands died? Is Hinduism responsible for Sati system or are Muslim invaders, who treated women as sex slaves once they conquered a kingdom responsible for Sati-pratha? I can keep going, on and on and on and on.

The busy Hindu is currently very upset because the celebrities, the award-wapsi-gang etc. are not coming up with the protest like “Not in my name” that they came up when a Muslim man was lynched. Why should they? It is not their narrative.

But what could a busy Hindu do?

A zillion things, and all of them perfectly legal and peaceful.

Can a busy Hindu write? Literally everything that the left ecosystem in the country has been saying for the last few years have been talked about in the past. There are books written by the authors who once were a part of the very same ecosystem. If you look on internet, the left leaning content is way way more than the one that I write and like. Why? Can a busy Hindu create genuine right leaning content and restore some sense of balance?

Okay, reading books, researching and writing  takes a lot of time. But can a busy Hindu read and engage with the articles already written in an attempt to contradict the left narrative? Can he help in creating a conducive ecosystem for these writers? 

Can a busy Hindu, at least react to an inappropriate content by down-voting it or reporting it or if commenting is available commenting why it is incorrect? If you visit Quora, right-leaning content is down-voted on a regular basis, other platforms moderate right leaning content, that’s why you see more of left leaning content where ever you go.

Okay, the busy Hindu is too busy for these things. Although, he won’t be directly helping in building a particular narrative or deflating a particular narrative but he still can do a lot. For instance, last year the busy Hindu was very upset with Turkey. Because they were trying to meddle in our internal policies regarding Kashmir. What could the busy Hindu do? There are more than 200,000 Indians that travel to Turkey every year. Who are they? Which side do they stand? Indians should choose some other travel destination. Moreover,  the busy Hindu even when living in countries like Germany could stop thinking of using Turkish Airlines. When there is a financial impact, the country would not dare to poke its nose where not required. Instead what did the busy Hindu do? Just complain that Modi government is not doing enough on its foreign policy. Salute!!!

The busy Hindu knows that the so-called artists like Amir Khan, Javed Akhtar etc. have been carrying their Jihadist ideology in their work, can the busy Hindu not live without their work? Can he not skip their movies and songs?

The only thing that the busy Hindu does is complain, he complains about BJP government not doing enough, he complains about celebrities not doing enough. But he would never ever ever ever ever do anything by himself for himself.

He believes in logic and reasoning, but he is so busy that he finds it difficult to read anything that would make him scroll down; he has time only to view memes or read text of 3-4 lines that fits in his phone screen. Anything bigger than that, he would simply skip.

Anybody will not shall not fight a fight for him. He has to do it by himself for himself. It is high time that he rises from the shackles of slumber else it might just be too late.

When you see something wrong, you should at least make some effort to fix it. If you do like my views please join me in my crusade against the wrongs of the society, please share the article as much as you can.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetanhttp://infiniteseaofopportunities.com
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.
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