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Return of Aurangzeb era

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A civil service aspirant. Proud Indian. Proud Hindu. Delhi

Chhatrapati Shivaji was the champion of safronisation in Mughal Era, he never gave up the against the evil practices of Aurangzeb who is known as the most brutal Mughal ruler, under whom Hindus were mass persecuted and forced to convert and accept Islam. Entire life Shivaji Maharaj protected Hindus against the atrocities from the rule of Islam but to utmost state of grief, it is hard to believe a Hindu Brahmin and his family member was lynched by mob in front of the Police in his land.

This is the return of Aurangzeb Era, where Hindus persecution will be held justified and no liberals will raise their voice in this regard. Hindus are on the verge of extinction and large fraction of society is supporting and working on this agenda. I am not surprised to encounter such incidents because it’s just a beginning, lot of things are about to come. We Hindus need to wake up and overcome the barriers of caste and hatred towards each other. It’s seriously NOW or NEVER. It’s time to get united.

Our enemy knows our weakness and he knows when to trigger the gun,firing the ammunition at the right time.That day is not very far we will be left no where, you can’t expect Government and Police to protect our sovereignty. Just like Kashmir Pundits have become the history of Kashmir and followed by mass exodus from their own land, if we failed to ascertain the future, we will face the same wrath and nobody except us will be responsible for that.

Our tolerance has become our weakness,we have become used too,to stay in disguise.Our temples were plundered in past we kept quite and as all we know HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, our holy shrines are still on the radars and being constantly attacked either verbally or by means of force.We are fighting against a Radical Ideology and to save ourselves we need to be Radical as well, If they have ALL INDIA MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW BOARD then Hindus must not get we are blessed with RSS.

” Hindu Brothers need our Solidarity”


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A civil service aspirant. Proud Indian. Proud Hindu. Delhi
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