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Packaging heroes of India

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The “COVID 19” pandemic is ravaging through the world-changing our lives, our etiquette, our behavior, our way of life in ways that will be remembered for what it seems like a foreseeable future.

The reason I wanted to write this piece was to bring in to your notice the general public that there are people shall we say superhero’s who are risking their life for a box that you get with your essentials.

Now, I know for human being’s it is not easy to care about people they don’t know about but I am writing this just to do the opposite of that I will try to bring these people and their life’s closer to you.

Consider “Sanjay ” a person who work’s in a packaging factory .He wakes up at 7 to get ready for his 12 hour shift which stars at 8:00 Am and workplace is not special in a packaging factory maintaining a distance of 2 meter is just not convenient . You have to talk to each other all the time mostly in close proximity because of sound of machines won’t let you listen anything easily it is about 84 decibels the sound.

Worker’s in these factories have taken in so much dust that their lungs are an easy target for a virus such as a coronavirus. All of this trouble all of this sacrifice just to make a card box for ” Maggi instant noodles” . No sick leaves and if you can’t come to work they cut your salary. I forgot about the weather there is no air conditioning for these workers they are working in sweat and so much discomfort that is hard to put in words. As harsh as it may sound it is the reality.

You don’t become a superhero without sacrifices. This is my humble plea to everyone who reads this to spare a thought for the packaging workers in our country who risk their lives every day for just a card box for your essentials.

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