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Lighting lamps & activities on social media a way to boost morale

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In an address to the nation PM Modi calls for demonstration of collective will to fight coronavirus. On the 10th day of the nationwide lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, PM Modi asked countrymen to demonstrate a collective will to fight coronavirus, a token demonstration of which, he said would be to light candles, lamps and hold mobile phone torches for nine minutes from 9 p.m on April 5.

Being in lockdown could be a lonely experience full of anxiety and assured people that “we are not alone” collective will of 1.3 billion is required during this crisis. Social media platforms and their users are finding ways to enlighten spirit among people to stay positive in 21 days lockdown.

From online Antakshari on social media to then-and-now challenge users are getting engaged in a series of activities to tide over tough time. Latest is a online Saree challenge under which a woman has to upload one of her best pic in a Saree image and tag a friend to do the same. All these activities are made to boost moral of people during lockdown.

Scientifically it is said burning candles help us to remove negativity in our surrounding area. Candles preferably black candles absorb the negative energies and transmit them into light loving energies. Burning candles and diyas produces magnetic changes in the atmosphere surroundings. The electromagnetic force lingers on the skin and activate the blood cells. The fire released by the candle or diya kills the germs in the air by its chemicals. All these are activities are just to remove anxiety and boost morale of the people during this crucial time. We have to spread the intensity of light in all direction to defeat the bleak of coronavirus.

On April 05 we have to awaken the humanity in each and everyone of us that we are fighting for the same purpose. Let us resolve in our mind that we are not alone. So Turn off the lights of the house and stand at door of the house or on the balcony. Burn candles, mobile phone flashlight. By ending the darkness and uncertainty created by Coronavirus we have to move towards light and certainty. Join together for a greater cause the defeat of Coronavirus lies in our hands.

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