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Kerala : The systematic disintegration of the Hindu heritage

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The aroma of spices, the beauty of backwaters, the mesmerizing lush green rainforests, the scenic tea plantations and the exquisite coconut palms, nature has been abundantly blessed Kerala, the God’s own country. A home to people from different religions and cultural background. From temples to synagogues, there is a place for everyone to worship. The very proof of the ‘acceptance & coexistence’ nature of Sanatan Dharma. But some forces are gradually and consistently trying to destroy the cultural and religious aspects of Hindus in Kerala. They’ve been doing it since past many decades with different approaches.

Kerala is the land of some of the famous temples in India with grand revenue generation. Every year the number of devotees are increasing and similarly the revenue. But still many of these temples are not developed or maintained properly. Most of the temples are run by Devosom Boards which looks after the collection and expenditure. The state government says that they have nothing to do with the temple money. But in truth, the earning of the Devosom boards are deposited in the Treasury Saving Bank, a unique banking system of Kerala state government in which various state departments also deposits funds but somehow the TSB doesn’t come under RBI. TSB started in 1963 and Congress was the ruling party of the state then.

Though the government was overturned in the very next year by CPI but they didn’t object the formation of TSB and it is still functioning. Apart from being a bank, TSB is the point of distribution of salaries & pensions by the state government. Thus, even with ever increasing financial deficits, the government can indirectly use the money earned by the temples (not a single penny from any other religious entity/organization) for paying the salaries and pensions without being questioned. The money deposited/spent in the temples is not fully used for the glorification of temples across the state instead it gets used for welfare of the government. While churches and mosques are blooming and flourishing on large scale in Kerala, the temples are busy funding the state government.

Another intriguing aspect of Kerala is the cuisine. Apart from the world famous spices, Kerala is the home of people who proudly eats beef (the meat can be of buffalo, cow or ox, doesn’t matter to them) and still calls themselves Hindu. In Hindu culture we respect every living soul and cow is the primordial being, worshiped as a God, as a mother. But still the communist mentality has gone so deep into soul of those ‘Hindus’ that they’re ready to protest, even violently too, if you say something against their beef consumption. Kerala is among other few states that do not have any legal restriction on cow slaughter. Kerala boasts of secularism but when it comes to respecting the beliefs of Hindus, they put a tag of ‘regressive kind’ on those who questions it. Thus, the arabian menu is being served and promoted in every nook & corner of the state.

Alcohol and narcotics are the other main culprits. As per studies, Kerala is the no. 1 consumer of alcohol and it is also a major source of revenue for the government. Nowadays the narcotics usage has been increasing alarmingly. Youngsters from all communities and religious sects are falling into addiction of these things. They are distancing themselves from their cultural roots while trying to westernize their lifestyle. Due to religious restrictions in the other two prolific religions, majority of these youngsters are from Hindu families.

But the most notorious one is the introduction of communism. The communist ideology spread throughout India majorly with the help of caliphate movement in 1920s as the Indian Muslims and Russian communists supported each other. Spreading the idea of communism wasn’t possible without breaking the Hindu majority. So, they broke the Hindu society on the basis of caste, social and economic stature. They demonized the Hindu religion and it’s practices while supporting the Abrahamic religions. The ideology of communism is similar to Abrahamical ideology, only one can rule all the others, they are bound to work only for the one and anybody who doesn’t follow the one must be made to follow the one or else be eliminated. Thus, eliminating the culture itself will make a Hindu either a communist or a purposeless human.

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