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Jordan Peterson and the radical left

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I am appalled by the hate which has been heaped upon Dr Jordon Peterson by the radical left. At this moment professor is recovering and millions of his readers are wishing him speedy recovery. In his absence I have seen many people publishing articles ridiculing his analysis and few are going to an extent of dismissing him as a scholar. The radical left should be ashamed of itself for ridiculing a man who is fighting for his life and not able to defend himself. (Thankfully professor is recovering now)

I haven’t read one get well soon sentence in these articles. Radical left is consumed by the hate and they don’t have an iota of space for difference of opinions and surprisingly these people claim that they support freedom speech.

It’s a high time that radical left learns something from bill Maher. I can see that lot of people from right side are going to Bill Maher show because there is a possibility of debate where one can exchange views without being dismissed out-rightly!

I am not a fan of extremist views, be it from right or left. But it is evident that the radical left has become more intolerant, when they don’t have any answer, they start calling people names. Common people are distancing from the left because the radical left has taken over the moderate left.

Radical left should immediately stop promoting cancel and outrage culture, the false Utopian idea where everything is perfect doesn’t exist in real world. The real world has real problems which have to be dealt by taking the ground reality in consideration.

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