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Patience and perseverance- a key to break the virus spread

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The overwhelming response of PM Modi’s call for a Janta Curfew on Sunday was a positive and welcome sign but marks only beginning of a lone fight against coronavirus which is fast spreading

across states. Millions of people stayed indoors, hardly any vehicles moved it was a extraordinary shutdown of the country. The curfew was intended to highlight the need for social distancing which is the key to containing the spread of virus. The people did well to hail and express their gratitude to the medical personnel on front lines and their support staff. But the idea of social distancing has not gone deep into the minds of people and conduct of the people. Stricter steps are needed and they are needed for a longer period.

PM Modi address on Tuesday by imposing a total lockdown of 21 days in the entire country. It is drastic measure by the government but rather there is no other means then social distancing to keep us away from the pandemic. The government has announced a lockdown in 75 districts. Some states are in total lockdown. Railway services has been stopped across the country and many states have suspension of public transport and roads. The functioning of Private companies except those provide essential commodities has been stopped. The PM himself has told that lockdown has not taken seriously by many people. He has told the State government to enforce lockdown rules and called upon the people to save themselves by adhering them.

Going Ahead there are number of measures that the government can take to mitigate the worst effects of such a dramatic shock to the economy. It is equally important that essential supplies should not be disrupted. Jobs, business and livelihood of many people will be curtailed or lost. There hardship will have to be mitigated. It is rightly said patience and perseverance is the key to deal with difficult times. We must deal patiently and follow social distancing to save the society from the worst of this pandemic. This is a challenging and unprecedented situation, the greater responsibility lies with the people. That is to practice social distancing and safe hygienic practices. Stay at home and wash hands. The safety and future of the nation lies in our hands

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