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It is not ‘party government’; people’s government is the goal of superstar Rajinikanth

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Ever since the announcement of the entry of our Superstar Rajinikanth into Tamil Nadu politics to save the state from the rotten dynastic, corrupt political party that is waiting to grab the power, the prince of the party who had inherited the party purely because of the dynastic culture has started to worry about Rajinikanth. 

Vaiko is the best example for how the DMK had removed and reduced him politically to ensure the succession of MK Stalin as the sole claimant and owner of DMK without any challenge or resistance.

Rajnikanth is not interested in just defeating DMK but have taken enormous tasks of putting the entire system in perfect state, end corruption, nepotism, dynastic culture, hate and negativity selling, fear mongering and minority appeasement, hate Hinduism and Hindu Gods, abuse Brahmins one of the intellectual communities in India and has credited India with several Nobel prizes.   

DMK has to be completely decimated politically from Tamil Nadu and only then the state can be saved. Even before the Super Star enters into the political fray, he has eloquently and loudly told to the people of the state that he is not entering into politics for Chief Minister’s chair or power but he is interested only in giving clean and development centric government. Similarly the Super Star is also not interested in establishing the dynastic politics (family politics) or he ever wishes his party to a family business like DMK.

After Karunanidhi, his son Stalin is heading the party and then his son Udayanidhi would and then his son and that is how the DMK is run. DMK from early 1960’s has been promoting and perpetuating lies, caste centric politics, and minority appeasement, abuse Brahmins, abuse Hindus and Hindu Gods etc., and that is how it was making its political capital. In 2019 parliamentary election also DMK very successfully spread, sold and established several groundless facts and total lies about Modi and won the election. Today DMK has done nothing to the state even after winning all most all parliamentary seats in the state. 

The political sunset of raising sun symbol of DMK has started to doom and soon DMK becomes history so shall its hate and negative politics.


People of Tamil Nadu must celebrate Krishna Jayanthi on the day Super Star announces his political entry because the Super Star is not an ordinary human being but he is a divine persona, come with divine message for the state of Tamil Nadu. 

Rajinikanth is the ultimate saviour of Tamil Nadu, destroyer of negative and hate politics, the messiah of love and peace and missionary of spirituality and practical living. People of Tamil Nadu must realize that this is the last chance for them to save the state from dynastic, family run, corruption dominant politics.  Defeat of DMK is much more essential than anything else and therefore people should support Rajinikanth unconditionally.  Support Rajinikanth, save Tamil Nadu and defeat DMK should be the sole mission of people.

Jai Hind.   

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