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The Hate that is Left

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The Lallantop, apparently an online news portal was in news a few days ago. Saurabh Dwivedi, its editor tweeted, an unpalatable image urging BJP supporters to wear condoms because he didn’t want any more of their kind. Not just that, he wanted this image to go viral with a hash tag campaign on Twitter. Understandably, there was outrage; Mr. Dwivedi apologized and dismissed his hatred in what can be called a poor man’s Chunkey Pandey signature style, “Imaaaa jokinngga”.

The Lallantop, with its acquired taste of Left, didn’t reveal their acrimony just once. In their very recent articles against the whole JNU violence (violence has become synonymous to JNU), they tried their utmost to vilify ABVP, a right leaning student organization. Even when no solid proofs were produced. However, their willingness to project the right wing as the perpetrator of gore speaks much about the aforementioned media portal, which Saurabh Dwivedi vouches, is unbiased. On 5th January, 2020, the website published an article on one of  IIT-K’s staff members, Vashi Sharma, the guy who raised objections to Faiz’ Nazm, Hum Dekhenge. The adjective or should I say the expletive used for Sharma’s opinions is, “ghinahe”, loosely translated as repulsive.

The Lallantop is just an example of the hatred that the left is spewing these days. With cipher viable agendas and two consecutive, humiliating defeats by the Right leaning Government, its frustration is for everyone to see. An Urdu poet in my friendlist, renamed Ajeet Bharti, the editor of OpIndia, a right wingist media portal, “Ajeeb Bharati”, while condoning the most atrocious expletives used for the man by those in his friendlist. Kunal Kamra depicts Sudheer Chaudhary as “Modi ka Kutta”. Another poet, who was erstwhile a friend on Facebook but blocked me because I practiced my right to dissent with his political ideologue, claimed that the populance that had objections to Faiz’ Nazm is uncouth and downright stupid. Sadly, this whole patronizing act is performed by mad monkeys who tear their lungs out on the right to dissent. Hypocrisy howls like a hyena.

These incidents bring us, the non left leaning people, also addressed as the Sanghi-Chaddhi gang, to ask a pertinent question: Why So Much Hate! I knowingly asked a rhetorical question. For  the answer is simple. Hate is the legitimate progeny of the Communist-Left marriage. The highly revered Guevara says, “Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands. Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold blooded killing machines. This is what our soldiers must become.” How peaceful, no?

The 1997 book, “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression” by Stephane Courtois et all holds Communism responsible for 65 million deaths in People’s Republic of China. 20 million in the Soviet Union, 2 million in Cambodia, 2 million in North Korea, 1.7 million in Ethopia. In fact the Nazi State( which communists and brainless bimbos of Bollywood, claim the country is turning into) killed 25 million, while communism killed approximately 100 million. Back home, the Communist Party of India (Marxist), killed innumerable tribals in Morichjhapi, several others in Nandigram and some more in Kerala. But guess who’s the biggest killer of democracy, in the history of mankind? The R.S.S!

The very recent violence by Leftist goons in J.N.U is again a desperate attempt to create some stir and play the victim card, while bullying those who dissent. Aishe Ghosh, who was crying with a bloodied head on camera telling all and sundry that she was attacked by goons was caught on camera mobilizing those same goons. In another incident she is seen, with her entire fanfare, blocking a professor’s entry into his lab. All in the name of protest.

The very reason that violence broke out on JNU campus was because the Leftists didn’t want other students to register themselves for the upcoming exams. In the name of protest against fee hike, they wanted to lock down the university. Like they wanted to lock Prof. Ranganath’s out of his lab. Like Kim Jong Un locked up his uncle, Jang-Song Thaek with a pack of hungry dogs who devoured him in no time.

The recent Hinduphobia is yet another example of the Left’s seething rage for the majority which has chosen for itself a right leaning Prime Minister. So vitriolic is the loath, that we see Mr. Sardesai tweeting his article with a cover that declares The Saffron as a Nazi Symbol. So rancorous is the loath that we see placards that demand one to “Fuck Hindutva”. As if Hindutva is the same as Islamist terror which has killed… well … a lot of people. Mordaciously, more placards are held that want to scare the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. “The cow ate my papers. So I ate the cow”. These placards are quite the placards of inanity if they did not have the word hate written in their sub text. In Bold.

Abhinandan Verma, a student of JNU writes on Quora in 2016 , “Yes, I am eyewitness. It is true that Godess Durga was insulted not just only one time but every year during Navaratri. This was first started in 2010 when during  Durga puja AIBSF posted an article of “forward block” magazine in the form of a poster on JNU hostel walls and alleged Devi Durga as a prostitute.”

Time and again these insulting narratives are hurled at Hindus but the common Hindu, right leaning, brushes it off  his shirt. Unlike the guys who painted Charlie Hebdo’s office Red. To such arguments Javed Akhtar, a lyricist comments, “So do you want to turn Hinduism into rabid Islamism?” “Like an Islamist Pakistan, do you want to turn India into a Hindu Rashtra, Mr. Akhtar would apparently ask.

Sir, with every bout of selective uproar. With each nasty insult to the Hindu Gods ,with every malicious attempt to lock drown an academic campus, with every sly apology for its barbarism and vandalism, the Left is giving more strength to Right. It is laying the very foundation of a Hindu Rashtra. Thank you for such methods. Disgusting though they are!

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Measuring my life in coffee spoons.
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