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Siege of Mecca: A seed sown for ISIS

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It was few days before the European New year i.e 20th of November 1979, an important part of Islamic civil war unfolded and entire world watched it without quite grasping the intensity with which it will impact the World once for all. That is the day when seed for Al-Qaeda & ISIS was sown. That day an fight for return to puritan form of Islam erupted. The rural minds filled with all sort of imaginary world unable to co-operate with pace of urban development erupted violently against all form of liberties,equality and gender-free society.

Mahdi – A Ruler: Mahdi, is a time frame in Islamic history where a ruler will evolve and show truth and justice for all. Each and every Islamic mind is conditioned to pray for that time frame so that Islam will slaughter all other religions and will become sole custodian of entire world. Islamic rulers exploit their fellow followers on this time frame. They announce themselves as Mahdi and start to practice violence against humanity by abusing, slaughtering people and their cultural values.

Saudi – An oil boom: As soon as oil boom happened the biggest benefactor of it was Saudi Kingdom. With unlimited source of income, they started to spend lavishly in the development of Saudi. They invested heavily in infrastructure, automobile industry, created media empire and in all sort of wealthy things. Since Saudi was an young nation established very recently, the scale and nature of these developments directly coincided with the minds of Islamic followers. They considered everything going on as Haram(Sin) and was waiting for circumstances to erupt.The last resort they get into was Mahdi.

Return of Mahdi: Along with the victory of Iranian revolution of early 1979, Juhayman al-Otaybi an ex-Saudi military veteran unable to cope up with urban development went hiding in the villages. With complete study of Quran he got filled up with all thoughts of Mahdi and found out one preacher (Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani) who was fully immersed in Islamic preachings. Imaginary and vengeful mind started believing and imparting the preacher as Mahdi. Stories being popped up all across Saudi lands stating the arrival of Mahdi and rumors started flowing that people have seen him in action in their dreams.

Siege of Mecca: With the experience in Military and along with religious doctrine Juhayman entered Mecca on 20th Nov,1979 with followers and within short span of time announces the arrival of Mahdi and then captures the holy mosque of Mecca. They started denouncing Saudi royal family as doing Haram and asked for People revolution against them. Doors of Mecca mosque were closed and they went into intense religious following. Saudi royal family which were not expecting this, started waking up and used their clout with Islamic preachers and then announce Fatwa against the Siege.

Help of Western world: Saudi King who understood the weakness of their military called for help from Western world. Finally France sent three of their Military operations heads and started coordinating with Saudi forces. They isolated the Kaaba(a place inside Mecca mosque) and started firing on the followers of preacher. Finally after intense battle for 6 days, preacher was killed and Juhayman along with some fifty fighters were arrested.Finally they were hanged in public all across Saudi Kingdom.


Repercussions of Siege: On identifying the nature of Islamic mind of Juhayman, instead of continuing the path of development, Saudi royal family started following the puritan teachings of Islam.Cinema halls were closed. Women were banned from public and driving vehicles. They were removed from commercial establishments including Media empires. Civil liberties were crushed. Its been four decades now.Still lot needs to be undone by Saudi Kingdom.

Seed Sown for Al-qaeda and ISIS: Osama bin laden lavished about those days till his death.He also at one point announced himself as Mahdi and was given safe heaven by Pakistan. ISIS rulers also followed the same principle of announcing the arrival of Mahdi to Kill Kafirs. Many Islamic preachers still keep on sowing the seeds of hate about Mahdi on fellow followers. Intensity of questioning about these violent activities being preached still is at very abysmal level among Islamic nations. Reformist movements need to speak-up against this time frame of Mahdi.

Silence of Western world: Many western researchers are silent about the siege of Mecca and its aftermath. Hollywood which usually commercializes all happenings did not even elaborated on this event. Bollywood A-listers who cat calls everything on Hindu world remained silent on this siege.


Remember the famous saying “History which is not documented properly will change the course of our Living”. Let us pledge today and discuss more about those violent days of Middle east so that people will get sense of what has happened and happening in the name of Islam


The Siege of Mecca: The Forgotten Uprising in Islam’s Holiest Shrine and the Birth of Al Qaeda is a 2007 book by Wall Street Journal correspondent Yaroslav Trofimov about the 1979 Grand Mosque seizure in Mecca.

The Siege of Mecca

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