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Shiv Sena and Congress has reduced Maharashtra to weasel and rabbit fight

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Nature has left several wonders for the mankind to learn and admire. One such wonder is Weasel. Weasel is a tiniest carnivore which grows to a maximum of 11 inches in length. But the animal is a voracious eater, always hungry due to its increased level of metabolism and hence would even dare to attack a Rabbit which is several times bigger than the Weasel. Rabbits on sighting Weasel would run to save its life. The abnormal hunger of Weasel only drives the animal to take a chance to attack Rabbit or other bigger animal.

We should compare the politics of Shiv Sena and Congress party with the above analogy to understand how meaningful message Weasel and Rabbit fight conveys. What we see in Maharashtra is nothing but Weasel attacking Rabbit and Rabbit in turn runs to save its life. 

The dynast of the congress party publicly mocked Savarkar by saying his name is not Rahul Savarkar by taking undue pride over his name and mocking down one of the greatest freedom fighters and pillar of our Hindu cultural identity. But the Shiv Sena remains silent and helpless before the dynast because although the number of MLAs Shiv Sena has is quite higher than that of the congress party in Maharashtra assembly, but still Shiv Sena needs the congress to remain in power and hence Shiv Sena has to play Rabbit before congress party – the Weasel.

When Shiv Sena leader made a startling statement that anyone oppose Bharat Ratna to Vir Savarkar must be sent to cellular jail in Andaman, he has played down when the congress party ruffled its feather.

The greed for power and need for the dynasty to be in the centre of Shiv Sena, the party has surrendered, submitted, prostrated and was willing to bite any bullet but all it wants is the chief minister chair.

You beat me, abuse me, kick me, snigger and giggle at me, but I will be loyal to you as long as you feed me- is the stand Shiv Sena has taken.

It is all because Shiv Sena has realized that it cannot grow any further and at best it can only shrink purely due to its dynastic politics. Whereas BJP led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are expanding because Modi believes in honesty, good governance, corruption free administration, India free of dynastic politics, nepotism and sycophancy.

The governance of PM Modi is exclusively focusing on sab ka sath sab ka vikas whereas the dynastic parties like congress, Shiv Sena, DMK, SP, JDS etc., believes in the vikas of own family and its bandwagon.

To remain as a liar, to loot, to remain in power at any cost, one needs to do several compromises.  What we witness in Maharashtra is nothing but an agreement for corruption and power.

Even though Weasel and Rabbit had agreed to be friends for mutual benefits, but still the inherent behaviour of Weasel and Rabbit do find its way; therefore Weasel and Rabbit are going to fight and as expected Weasel would finally kill the Rabbit.

It is quite interesting to watch how Shiv Sena is following the congress party like an apprentice; obeying, obedient, subservient, disciplined and scared. Shiv Sena has no option other than follow the dynast of the congress party; if Udhav Thackeray wants to continue as CM of Maharashtra and his son as his minister with cabinet rank.

It is the eternal sacrifice of ideology and political vision, Shiv Sena has committed for power and hence it is ready to play the role of a Rabbit and get preyed by a small weasel. India has lots to watch and enjoy from the shameless sacrifices of Shiv Sena for its family to remain in power. Hope people of India will defeat and decompose all these shamelessly selfish political parties and save India by supporting PM Modi and Amit Shah.

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