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Politics of freeloaders and cuscuta effect

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The yellow vermin plant

You all know the yellow vermin like plant. We have all seen it. It starts with giving a ‘jadu ki jhappi’ to a green, lavish, thriving plant. Plants takes it into it’s eco-system like a thriving country would take ‘anyone’ who comes to them as refugee. It is very humane to take refugees but if the tree can’t differentiate between a bird who wants to build a nest and the parasite like cuscuta which started it’s relationship with a sweet hug and will end up devastating every cell in your ecosystem you are doomed.

The cuscuta also represents Freeloaders. On one side you have millions of hardworking women and men who sweat it out as factory workers, farmers, marketing representatives, call center operators, KPO workers, workers of automobile ancillaries, miners above them are men in uniform who take bullets defending us on borders and within the boundaries and on the other hand we have students of my age who feed like leeches and cuscuta on tax payers and do Phd in African studies, Phd in understanding geographical location of Savita Bhabhi.

The cuscuta likes ‘Aazadi’. It does not want to work, it will not contribute to the society. It will just suck nutrients out of the Green tree. The cuscuta gets support from other parasites too.

Give chance to the tree which was multi milenia old was thriving contributed to the human civilization in many ways by giving it shade and fruits but due to the fruits it was providing it was ravaged by many parasites. The tree got freedom from parasites about 70 years back but was chopped in half by those who promised to protect it and was plagued by new breed of parasite which would cling on to it’s nutrients till the tree would die. The resilient tree again got rid of the parasite but the offshoots of parasite want to choke the tree again with the chants of Aazadi…

I am sure you are with the resilient tree and not the cuscuta.

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