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Noise of negativity can’t defeat good governance and walking truth – Jai Ho Modi

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The great two epics of India, both Mahabharata and Ramayana have shown that on the side of negativity and evilness, always the gatherings will be great but on the side of dharma, truth and peace, the support will be thin but at the end only dharma and truth alone triumph. In Indian politics, Narendra Modi represent truth, corruption free governance, sab ka vikas and oppose dynastic politics.

Kaurava brothers were hundred in numbers whereas the Pandavas were only five in numbers.  Although Pandavas were only five but the truth, dharma and God himself – Lord Krishna were with them and on the contrary most of those supported Kauravas were not fully committed, not honest from within and were fully convinced of the untruth and adharma of Kauravas in waging war against Pandavas. Hence Pandavas could easily win the war and could destroy all the evil forces and save Kurushetra.

Similarly when Lord Ram waged war against mighty Ravan who abducted Sita, Ravan had fully established battalion on his side, powerful weapons and all other logistic and strategic support base as the war happened in Lanka and not in Ayodhya. The support base of Lord Ram was just a troop of monkeys led by Hanuman and Sugriva. But the truth, dharma and divinity were with Lord Ram and hence the mighty Ravan could not stand before Lord Ram and finally he lost the war.

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Jesus Christ when emerged from wilderness with divine message, he was alone and later he got a few disciples out of which one betrayed him to his killers. But Jesus won the world through his message of peace and love.

Today what we witness in India, especially in the capital city of India, New Delhi is nothing but a war cry and the sound of conch by several divisive and separatist forces supported and nurtured by many opposition political parties is something every Indian must worry and concerned about. The protest and furry displayed by all those negative forces are not against Modi or against BJP government but is against India, its growth, development and future. Evil forces cannot accept peace and prosperity of any nation.

All those negative forces always wants chaos and not governance, corruption not scam free governance, want family service and not service of nation, want poverty and penury not peace and prosperity, development of own family and not sab ka vikas. The political philosophy of PM Modi is towards development and prosperity. People of India must awake to the new reality and should not fall into the trap of the evil forces, however tempting the sloganeering of all those negative forces may be and however scary be their noise and furry. All those negative forces wants to destabilize India, wants to form coalition government to loot the nation, want corruption and dynastic rule. 

Due to several yugas of penance and Dharma by several of our Hindu sages, India has finally got a great, honest, saintly leader Modi to lead India to new dimension of happiness and prosperity. 

In several frontiers, India is galloping towards transformation, the happiness index of all those marginalized people over several decades of congress rule have grown significantly, millions of poor people in remote village have started to live a life full of dignity, social status and equal opportunity thanks to the good governance of Modi. 

We are very close to the birth of New India which all those evil forces want to destroy even before its birth. If foeticide was not possible, achieve infanticide is the motto of all those evil forces. All those evil forces are making war cry because they want to unite all those negative forces through noise and furry. All those evil forces have not understood the truth that the strength of good governance and truth lays in silence and not noise. The power of goodness in always double, triple and quadruplet and therefore the evil forces cannot defeat Modi.

It is WE the PEOPLE of India makes this great land and We the Same PEOPLE of India are also equally dutiful and responsible to pledge our unconditional support to Modi to save India from all those tukde tukde gangs that wants to spread the law of negativity, lies, hatred and corruption. This is the time India needs our support and India needs Modi the most to save our land and our culture and heritage for the future.

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