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Arvind Kejriwal: An Opportunist?

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Polling for the Delhi assembly elections would be held on the 8th of February and the results would be declared on the 11th of February.

With this announcement the model code of conduct came into force with immediate effect, election commission also said that 1.46 crore voters are eligible to vote. Now, the most important thing is that who should form the government in Delhi? Initial survey by a TV news channel shows that AAP is coming back to power.

AAP, the ruling party, has come up with report cards claiming that they have fulfilled all the 70 promises they made but is it the truth? A closer look gives a different picture.

If we remember how AAP was formed and what Arvind Kejriwal promised to the people of Delhi back then, it sends out a feeling of disappointment.

AAP leaders who came with an image of anti-graft crusaders are facing corruption charges themselves; it is no longer party with a difference. The most problematic aspect is the arrogance of Arvind Kejriwal, who fought with the Centre during his tenure and stopped taking PM Modi’s name only when he felt that his shoot and scoot policy is damaging him only.

The main issue is that now BJP is ruling the Union government and if AAP comes back to power then again the same blame game can start, Kejriwal’s changed attitude is just because of this election but once he will come back to power for next 5 years he can again start the power struggle.

It might lead to the elected CM holding a dharna at LG house, calling our PM a psychopath; as a result the one who would suffer would be the people of Delhi.

Delhi CM talks about his freebie policies and tries to cover up all his failure with such benefits, he is using these freebies like opium to distract voters from other issues, the poor quality of air and continuous bashing by the court for non-usage of green funds, Nirbhaya fund and delaying other works.

The dirty politics by AAP on the regularisation of unauthorized colonies, delay in metro corridors, non-introduction of Ayushman yojana over renaming from PM yojana to CM yojana, over expenditure on advertisements, irresponsible and misleading statements by party leader Sanjay Singh on NRC and CAA are very disheartening. It seems that AAP has no ideology or vision.

The nature of Delhi CM is such that he can’t go along smoothly with even his party colleagues, how can we expect that he can run a government smoothly in the structure where he is not having absolute power. It is Kejriwal who hates Modi because he can’t digest his defeat in Varanasi, he started the fight and he is too small a fish in front of the of PM Modi, he went to Varanasi to contest against Modi where he lost the election badly after that he continued to level all sorts of allegations against PM Modi. He even went to make extremely personal remarks on the PM, which were bad in taste.

His shoot and scoot policy has forced him to make public apology many times but he is still the same and he didn’t take a second to blame someone for any failure of the Delhi government.

The conditions of roads are pathetic in Delhi, during monsoon Delhi faced drainage issues but in spite of addressing the issue, he started blaming MCD. Delhi government has not taken any measure to control pollution in Delhi and it is the biggest failure of this government.

The party with a difference is no different, it is AAP who always gives a religious angle to all the incidences and plays a victim card.

During the Lok Sabha elections Delhi CM openly talked about Muslim vote bank being shifted to INC. Some AAP leaders are facing criminal and corruption cases but if someone asks the CM then instead of giving a reply he starts asking about the honesty of other parties.

Earlier media used to expose his lies and propaganda but well-planned media management, management of headlines coupled with an ad blitz delivered a lot to him.

The level of politics has deteriorated after coming of AAP in Delhi, the inexperience of AAP leaders and no knowledge of administrative procedure also fuelled the situation here. To gain public sentiment Delhi CM even questioned the loyalty of his PSO; he always uses harsh words for anyone who raises a finger towards him. He always makes derogatory remarks for leaders of opposition parties, such low-level politics was never seen before the birth of AAP.

AAP boasts about free water and electricity, but a hue part of Delhi gets contaminated water and electricity has also faced the allegation of inflation in fix charges which were reduced recently after a huge controversy.

The intolerance in AAP can be seen in Delhi assembly also where they don’t allow four opposition members to speak and very frequently marshal them out of the assembly.

So, the main question is that does Delhi is ready for another 5 years power conflict where BJP is already in power at the center and a CM like Kejriwal is only waiting to be elected again.

If we see the political career graph of Kejriwal then we can infer two things for sure. One, he is an opportunist and survivalist leader and two, he is very arrogant and he likes only yes-men around him.

During Annaandolan, he used Anna Hazare and then formed his political party. At that time Yogendra Yadav, a much more known face, helped him and later he not only sidelined him but it is said that he used bouncers to assault Yadav. He became CM with the outside support of INC but after 49 days he blamed INC for defeat of Janlokpal bill, then later he shared dais with those people who were earlier in the most corrupt politicians list of his own party – AAP, Kejriwal not only shared dais with Kanimozi, Sharad Pawar, A Raja etc but also engaged P.Chidambram as a counsel in his case. During the Lok Sabha elections also Kejriwal tried to ally with INC.

Then during Rajya Sabha ticket distribution, to everyone’s surprise, he nominated two outsiders “Guptas” and strained his relation with Dr.Kumar Vishwas and Ashutosh, other than this also there is a long list was humiliated and forced to leave the party for questioning Kejriwal.

So, people must understand that why Kejriwal is silent on Modi and they should not expect him to continue it if he comes back to power again, the freebie policies are like uber and ola’s attractive offer so that people should not see the failures of the government.

Written by- Ashutosh Rabindra

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