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Utopian Islamic world created by liberals

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Few weeks back a “Tik tok” user was blocked accessing her account for the reason of exposing the China’s Islamic policy. But the liberals who fight for equal rights across all corners of the world was silent and the intensity with which they oppose right wing governments were missing in action. The JNU types who ask for Aazadi till now has not protested for it as for them liberal world has boundaries and utopian ideas. Let us now discuss the traits of this Utopian world created by liberals for Muslim friends in democratic nations.

Perennial Victims:

Muslims always will be the victims of democratic government. Even in those countries which are having Muslim rulers they are victims. Muslims always have to hate fellow citizens irrespective of caste, creed and color. If it is in West they have to hate White people. If it is in African nation they have to hate fellow African American Christians. If it is in India they have to hate Brahmins, Jats, Thakurs, Baniyas, Jains, Sikhs etc. In Bangladesh they have to hate fellow Dalits and their leaders. In Myanmar & Sri Lanka it is Buddhists & Tamils. In the utopian world Muslims are always victims and they always should be.

Rule 1: Even if they occupy highest positions in the Society they always should be victims.

Renaissance Should be opposed:

Islamic religion always should oppose Renaissance. Those texts in Quran which does not suit the modern world should not be changed and condemned. But the texts of Bible, Vedas, Buddhists are parochial and should not be even allowed to exist. The texts in Quran which are against women and other religions should not be discussed. The taboo word “Kafirs” can be used freely but the words like “Blacks”,”Untouchables” can’t be used and those who use it should be hanged.


Woman freedom:

Woman wearing Burqa is an example of diversity. But women wearing gunghahat,sindhoor are regressive and their families who allow that should be killed. Woman can be sex slaves to maulvis but women who marry Brahmins are victims of organized crime. Women are not allowed to roam freely, go to work etc.

Rule 3: The culture which allow women working for their countries should be abolished.

Minorities will be persecuted:

The golden rule of that Utopian world is “Kafirs can be persecuted but still you can get away with it because Muslims are always victims”. Muslims can split the countries, create civil wars, create untouchability etc but kafirs are the ones who are responsible for it. Citizenship of persecuted Kafirs are of no concern but Muslims can roam around any country and should be given the citizenship the day they land in a country.

Never discuss China, Middle East & Islamic neighbors:

We should never discuss oppression of China & other Islamic nations as they are like that due to their genes. But democratic world should always be shouted back and blamed. Diversification of Islamic world should not be discussed but West should accept regressive Islamic traditions for diversity. Authoritarian Left/Islamic regime never be condemned but the countries which accept democracy should be condemned for not following secularist concepts.

Rule 4: Democracy & Islam are mutually exclusive. If needed democracy needs to be abolished.

Terrorism has no religion:

Terrorism has no religion except if the accused are not Kafirs. If they are Kafirs then attack and abuse their culture but if it is by fellow Islamists, they are just some random lone wolves who are influenced by the culture of Kafirs to do that. Weekly once Islamists has the rights to practice terrorism on the kafirs but always they can get away on the basis of rule “Terrorism has no religion”.

Rich Muslim vs Poor Muslims:

Rich Muslim kids are allowed to go to western countries and study. Poor Muslim kids have to   throw stones and practice Jihad. Rich Muslim kids will create eco system of killing kafirs by sitting in western world and it is the duty of poor kids to execute it by becoming suicide bombers, killing people randomly using random methods like crashing with vehicles, throwing stones, burning down houses etc. Incentives will be given to rich kids to study by using treasury of government which was filled after taxing kafirs.

Rule 5: Rich & Poor has different set of standards to live.

Maulivis should never be condemned:

Maulivis should never be condemned for their ignorant acts of molestation, hate speeches and polarizing societies. But Brahmin pandits should be harassed for following their peaceful tradition. Maulvis are free to execute anyone at any point of time. Their friday sermons should never be condemned. There should not be any law for Muslims in democratic world and Shariah needs to be implemented.

Once these utopian idea are implemented, liberals will disappear and will start working on creating another utopian world for Muslims in another free and fair democratic country.

— Harishankar Nagarajan

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