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Sharad Pawar made Congress party the cat’s paw in national scene

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The congress party of the dynast is yet to realize the bitter truth that it has been made as cat’s paw by its long term ally NCP supremo Sharad Pawar by making it to join the government formed by Shiv Sena.

For Sharad Pawar its all about Maharashtra politics and he can come to the centre stage only though Maharashtra. But for the congress party, the stakes are much bigger. What Sharad Pawar has done is that he has reduced the congress party as a marginal regional force, ensured that the congress party has not option but support Shiv Sena government, accepts whatever the left out portfolios are allocated to the congress party and de-grow further and get demoralized from the ideological front also.

Shiv Sena was in a desperate situation as it wants chief minister ship to itself. Shiv Sena and NCP are regional forces and beyond the state of Maharashtra, both these parties do not have any base. Imagine if the above two regional forces push a national party to fence and make it to dance to its tune, how such national party can grow further.

The fact was that both Shiv Sena and NCP together cannot form government and these parties need the support of congress party. Congress party could have been smart in either asking for chief minister-ship for itself so that the national party will be heading the alliance and not the regional force –Shiv Sena which is been branded as most communal and divisive by congress party in the past. If such formula cannot be worked out, congress party should have forced NCP and Shiv Sena for rotational chief minister arrangement in Maharashtra. But the congress party got confused and lost its way and finally did something to live rest of its life either with the scar of forming an alliance with Shiv Sena or die fully in Maharashtra.

Congress cannot play Maratha manoos card in Maharashtra whereas both NCP and Shiv Sena can easily play such card. Shiv Sena can again use Hindu card but congress can’t play such politics. Congress can’t play again Muslim appeasement card because already Owaisis has entered the fray and he will expose the hypocrisy and dual face of congress party as it aligned with Shiv Sena for power and playing secularism card and minority appeasement politics to win election.

Today congress party is like Portia in Shakespeare’s famous play The Merchant of Venice where Portia once told her maid “I may neither choose who I would nor refuse who I dislike; so is the will of a living daughter curb’d by the will of a dead father”.

Today congress party has no option but to follow its ring master Sharad Pawar. When the alliance break in near future (it is bound to break soon), NCP can anyway play its politics but congress cannot wash its hands nor can contest separately. If congress party ever decides to go solo in Maharashtra in future, that is end game for the party. Therefore even if the party knows it is been used as Cat’s paw by its ring master Sharad Pawar, it has to obey and follow him meekly because the master gives at least a squire meal per day to congress party in Maharashtra politics.

Congress cannot make a face lift to itself by aligning with Shiv Sena to prove a point that congress is indeed a Hindu party like how its dynast had done in the past by running from temple to temple, calling himself the carrier of Brahmin DNA, a born Shiv bhakt etc. If congress ever tries such politics, immediately it might find its checkmate from Shiv Sena. It cannot use secularism card because Oawisis is there to expose it. The only way to survive in Indian politics is to obey the regional forces, agrees to settle with the leftover bone and skin pieces and breathe through.  On the other hand Shiv Sena can always claim that it only had baptised the congress party and facilitated its Ghar wapsi.

When the lobby of the congress party celebrate the new political arrangement in Maharashtra are they not really celebrating the death of congress party both ideologically and politically?

It is not pyric victory but ideological victory is what BJP is looking for. BJP’s victory comes from honest, corruption free governance, development, sab ka vikas, national security and re-creation of our great Bharat of amity and peace by invoking the immortal Hindu tradition and civilization.

People of India must stay together and support Modi and Amit Shah to save the country from all those greedy, dynastic political forces.  Very decisive mandate for BJP is therefore necessary and only then the state can be saved.

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