Lies and Fraud Fact Check, The Wire or The Liar? Nehru Bharat Ratna

In this special class of journalism of lies, courtesy the liar, err I mean the wire, We will learn how to exonerate a lie and establish it with another whoopin’ one!

Before naming any names or event, let’s take some generic example:

There are events A and B. A is the causal agent and B the effect, meaning that B will happen if and only if A happens. It can never be violated according to Indian Constitution. (para 3)

Also, there are two persons A and B, associated with the respective events. A’s precedence in Indian constitution is higher than B, but B is executive and A is figurehead. (para 4)

Person A and B have to cross paths in the working of parliamentary execution, so let’s assume there is a work-life relationship between them, a tandem, positive or negative will be decoded later.

Supposedly we have to establish to a lie taking into consideration only A and B (person & event), Simple

1. Event B happened without Event A happening at all. Contradicting the condition set in para 3.

2. Albeit Person A causes event B to happen without event A using his authority, He utterly dislikes, loathes even, the person B.

So, we have spun two intricate lies here; A who absolutely despises B, has a change of heart due to certain event, supersedes the sequence of events, i.e. ignores A and makes B happen.

Indeed, what a well-established lie!! We should be proud of ourselves.

Oh! are we forgetting something? Yes! cherry on the cake! Name our web of lies “Fact Checks” to fool our readers as well as search engines easily.

Remember students, the credit to spinning these lies goes only to The Wire.

Are you wondering what are the events and person which the liar spun its lie around, well please refer to original liar article link given in subsequent paragraph.

But We who believe Satyamev Jayate in our National Emblem, We should know the truth and dispel the lies spread by some malicious magazines.

So Finally the truths:

1. PMO stated in 2013 that there exists no record of recommendation(s) of Bharat Ratna to Nehru and Indira in’55 & ’71 respectively.

2. Another reply made to same query stated that PM acting recommends the awardees to the president of India

3. They (PMO) kept mum on outstanding achievements of these recipients of highest civil honour of India.

Inferences can be drawn on these that either the records were not kept intentionally or were destroyed, or due procedure not followed by the president himself on both occasions?

In absence of the evidence it can only be deduced that Nehru recommended himself for the award but fortunately burnt that recommendation to ashes to protect his holiness himself?


Lies link of the wire:

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