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Historical blunder

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Outset: Read with an open mind, don’t let your ideologies, religion, and political affiliation blind you to the extent that we forget what we are debating for-India’s interest

People ask me why I keep bringing Congress’ 60 years of rule in all my debates and posts. Well, I don’t have the luxury to forget it, and trust me I will not until the wrongs done by them are corrected. The task is daunting, we will face a mountain of hurdles and every step the government takes towards this will be difficult, but we need to understand that sooner or later we have to find permanent solution to the problems itched since Independence. As responsible citizens we have all the right to oppose the current government if we don’t agree to their policies, but the same responsible citizen should take into consideration below facts too while debating.

Article 370:

 Article 370 which provides special status for Jammu and Kashmir is a temporary provision, and we could have very well kept the status intact. But things were  not hunky dory in Kashmir. Every govt in Kashmir has ABUSED 370 to create a roadmap for secession or as they popularly call it “Azaadi” right from Sheikh Abdullah down to the last Mufti govt have constantly been in conflict with the Union of India and often violently so. Far from being run as a peaceful, autonomous state, the Abdullahs and Muftis turned Kashmir into a “Private Kingdom”. The situation got worse after Pakistan suffered a humiliating defeat in the 1971 war. They turned Kashmir into a battleground and plotted war against India through their Kashmir sympathisers and stooges.

Cleansed the Kashmir region of Hindus. Killed them, raped their women and drive them out of Kashmir. Brazen murders of Hindus were committed on the streets. Their properties looted, taken over, their lands gone. The Pakis and their Kashmiri murderers had practically turned Kashmir into an Islamic State. In return, the bootlickers of Congress and other Sickulars fed the anti-nationals and Separatists with tons of money and sympathy. Paki stooges in media, NGOs, Legal fraternity and politics fought the Kashmir-Azaadi battle outside Kashmir.

Today, Kashmiri Muslims are being portrayed as victims, but I feel they are not victims of anything but their own device. The entire Sickular media, and Pakistan feeds them that they are victims. Tell me who asked them to dance for Pakistan? Who asked them to dance for Separatists? Who asked them to constantly riot, throw stones and grenades at Jawans and kill some of them?


I will not talk about the real truth as I dont want to tar the article by stating my beliefs, but lets say JNU was really established as an institution of learning and research that would achieve better integration with the country’s policies, both national and international. Instead of coming out with a amicable and practical solution for India’s social and cultural problems, all JNU students ever do is fight for Azadi, Bharat ke tukde, I mean even god in its infinite wisdom doesn’t know what Azadi they want.

They have called PM a mass murderer, even though nothing was proved in highest courts of India. Killers like Yakub Memon, Bhat and Afzal Guru were found guilty in acts of terrorism after the most fair and honest judicial trial, but they were hailed as the voice of the oppressed and seen as martyrs killed in the most ruthless manner by India.

The free loaders have various tricks to force the producers into feeding them for free. These include manufactured crimes of the intolerance , cultivation of a sense of entitlement for several reasons (my god told me so, my idol told me so, etc), and if cornered, shout “Oppression”.

Every time something happens that is not in accordance with their ideologies, and interferes there free loading habitat, they heckle and harass  faculty, student, policy, general public, and everyone who opposes them  until they give up. Torching buses, pelting stones, using choicest of abusive words- is this what a student is expected to do?

Babri Verdict

Dr. KK Muhammad reiterated in his book that there was enough evidence of a Ram temple being there over which the Babri mosque was built. Leftist historians and a section of media inflated the Ayodhya issue, ignoring chances of settling the matter in an amicable way. 

The least  Congress government could have done (after knowing the truth) was to have settled the issue and build a Ram temple in 1949 itself when idols of Ram and proof of a temple being there was noticed. Instead, the govt locked up the temple and let the wound fester.


The Partition of India should have been complete with a full exchange of Hindu-Muslim population. But that didn’t happen.

Again, in 1970s, influx started from Bangladesh- Hindu refugees, because of persecution, and Muslims refugees because of economic opportunities, and other hidden agendas. The Congress, when it returned to power in 2004, wilfully allowed illegals from BD and Pakistan and everywhere to settle in India, they were settled in as far-off places as Jammu, Hyderabad, Jaipur to create a demographic imbalance that would be beneficial to the Sickulars. This swamping of India with Muslims for vote banks is the underlying cause of the “Citizenship Amendment Bill” (CAB).  Not surprisingly, many of these illegals are roaming around with Aadhar cards and Voter cards. Now tell me, who created the problem in the first place?

Above being said, the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) does not affect Muslims in India in anyway. They remain equal citizens with all others in India. Not just that, it doesn’t even affect the “illegal Muslims” that came into India over many years, because they may have children born in India. Though that does not entitle them to citizenship, it is a burden India has to bear for the crimes of the Congress and other Sickulars like Mamata Banerjee in Bengal.

P.S: While we are fighting for Muslims not being included in the ambit, not once did we talk about the state sponsored  genocide on the Hindus in Pakistan. The logic is not very tough to understand- while Muslims can fight for their rights in Pakistan, Hindus cannot. Pakistan’s constitution has nothing in place for Hindus. Where should they go?

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