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The Government enacted a law that provides succor to the prosecuted minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It had specifically listed out Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis and Jains and Buddhists. Obviously the majority community of these three Muslim majority nations are left out.

The Hindu newspaper says the number of the people who get such citizenship is numbered 31313.

As pointed out by many, this law does not revoke the citizenship of any person who is already a citizen in India. Many who have migrated to India due to persecution have welcomed this act.

(The issue of illegals and asylum seekers have never been seriously taken into consideration by Congress government. There were no laws enacted to identify and repatriate the illegals nor any steps to alleviate the suffering of the persecuted minorities. The illegals were turned into vote bank in the states bordering Bangla Desh by CPI(M), Congress and now Trinamool Congress. )

For those who think that there is no persecution of Christians, Hindus and Sikhs in these three muslim majority nations, can go and check the newspapers of these countries themselves. (The blasphemy laws have been used to punish and turn the minorities into docile, helpless and voiceless lot in these countries.) The present Act addresses this head on and offers a resolution which will delight the persecuted.)

But Congress, DMK, Communist and Muslim political parties have found discrimination in this law against the Muslims. The riots are being organized by opposition parties throughout India.

Let us see why some Muslims want to come to India from Muslim majority nations?

Obvious and important reason is economic opportunities. This is quite understandable. But this is not valid reason for the citizenship. Migrant labourers who migrate looking for better opportunities would go back to their preferred land when Pakistan and Bangladesh are more prosperous than India. Recently many Bangladeshis have migrated back to Bangladesh as there are more work opportunities in Bangladesh and it is going up in the GDP ladder. These migrants need labour permits to work in India which can be renewed time to time. But the people who come to India due to religious persecution in Pakistan and Bangladesh will not go back even if Bangladesh and Pakistan are richer than India. These people need the citizenship to live in India.

This is common sense. You don’t need PhDs in social science and history to understand this. But the reason, many such intellectuals have taken up “equality” and “non discrimination” to support the CAB protests are two fold. First is to give no credence to the persecution of Hindus. Second is to provide a reason for the Muslims in India to raise against the Indian state. (It is laughable that these parties never raised a voice in favor of the persecuted in these countries but now pretend to care for Muslim migrants. In short they accept that there is persecution for Muslims as well in these countries, but want India to step in and help the Muslims persecuted in the theological countries. This is sheer hypocricy and hyperbole.)

During the time of communal riots in Sri Lanka, many Tamils have migrated to India. They are being supported by India, and India is actively engaging with the Sri Lankan government as well as the displaced people regarding this. But if some Sinhalese have come to India during that time, they have to be treated differently. If some Sinhalese have written against the Sri Lankan state and need refugee status in India, that should be looked at with sympathy and provide asylum. But no sane person would say that Sinhalese should be treated on par with Tamils from Sri Lanka.

(To turn to an example which everyone can understand we should turn to the case of Taslima Nasreen who was an athiest and hounded by expremists in Bangla Desh. The Government of India did welcome her and allowed her to remain in India.The parties which agitate in favor of Muslims persecuted in Bangladesh never lifted a finger to help her or petition Government to expedite her ctitizenship request. Instead the Muslim parties threatened her and tried to kill her when she was addressing a meeting in Hyderabad. )

Let us remember #blacklivesmatter protests in America. When systemic racism in America was killing blacks for minor infractions, the mass of African americans rose against that racist police and state machinery. They raised a banner of revolt and reminded the people of America that #blacklivesmatter. (There were meetings organized to focus the indignities suffered by black citizens in the hands of Police. )

Against this, whites raised another slogan.  #Alllivesmatter . (So to undermine the focus on injustice against the blacks this movement sought to blunt the edge and sow confusion about the principles which #blacklivesmatter stood for and create a smoke screen that the movement cares for all the lives.)

It is easy to understand the crudity and vulgarity of this slogan. #alllivesmatter slogan was raised mainly to deny and demean the injustice done to African Americans.

This slogan, ignores the systemic racism that African Americans undergo in America in their daily lives. This slogan creates a false image that all the people are undergoing a similar oppression. When it says every life is important, it tries to club the African American sufferings under one umbrella and says the African American’s life is as good or as bad as a white american’s life. Many people were criticized for putting forth the meaningless #alllivesmatter. That list includes Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Columbia university professor Carla Shedd says that #alllivesmatter slogan is blatant racism. After many intellectuals criticized this counteracting slogan, Jennifer Lopez and Hillary Clinton publicly apologized for saying #alllivesmatter.

A similar #alllivesmatter slogan is raised in India against the prosecuted Hindus of Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

The systemic persecution of Hindus in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan are motivated by the religion. These are self declared Islamic states who deny important posts in the country to the minorities in the name of religion. Just to oppose BJP, entire opposition, intellectual class is denying the persecution of Hindus in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It had never raised that issue as an important issue in India. But Pakistan’s prime minister calls the CAB as Hindu fascism. These intellectuals never asked a simple question, if they are not oppressed by whatever fascism in these countries, why they want to come to India?

More than Intellectuals, what is worrysome is the mainstream political parties of India who are displaying their hatred for Hindus. When you deny the systemic oppression that Hindus, along with other minorities, undergo in Pakistan and Bangladesh, whose cause are these political parties serving? They act as if they are the Jihadi sympathizers who want the demographic invasion of India. If they want to have such a state, they can visit these three lands now itself to have the life they want. Jihadi sympathizers may be useful idiots for Jihadis who went on a rampage for the sake of Rohingya refugees. But if Indian state allows itself to be manipulated by these organized riots, the future of India as a democracy is at stake.

But these mainstream political parties have always stood against Hinduism as a religion. Congress has officially said that Rama is an imaginary character. DMK and its parent organization Dravidar Kazhagam have always stood against Hindu religion unequivocally. We need not talk about Communists.

But beyond the hatred that these parties show against the Hindu religion, now they have started showing their hatred to Hindus themselves. That too the Hindus who have escaped the prosecution in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What is being displayed by these protests is just pure Hinduphobia. Let us call it for what it is.

Let us say #Hindu_Lives_Matter

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