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Fractured mandate, birth place of corruption and deal making – India thanks Karnataka for electing BJP

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India has suffered the worst from coalition government experiment in the past thanks to no single party getting absolute majority. India’s saga of corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics, deal making between various political parties etc., have started from the day India has to suffer from coalition experiment. Among the two coalition experiments between NDA and UPA, NDA under Vajpayee has done enormous progressive steps, laid strong initiatives against corruption and black money, gave utmost importance to governance and development but unfortunately NDA was then a coalition experiment. Hence some of those who do not want the governance of Vajpayee to be honest and development centric and started to work from behind the scene to destabilize NDA government and switched over to other camps. As a result of the crusade against corruption and focus on good governance initiatives of Vajpayee, UPA was voted back to power. With a very short period of corruption free governance in India during NDA, India was wrapped again under corruption and dynastic politics the day NDA was defeated.

People of India was sick and tired of congress party and its politics around one particular family coupled with continuous waves of corruption allegations such as 2G, Coal block allocation, Adharsh, CWG etc., where one of the alliance partner of UPA then, the DMK has even lost the assembly election due to 2G scam allegation wave in Tamil Nadu.

Due to total lack of hopelessness and shame due to various corruption allegations against UPA 2, people of India gave decisive mandate of PM Modi.


India chose Narendra Modi because Modi is very honest, straight forward, committed to development and corruption free, against nepotism and dynastic politics. Modi has also shown what development means by taking Gujarat to new heights in India. Gujarat model of development deserves to occupy even a prominent space in Encyclopaedia Britannica because the definition of good governance and development, world must learn from Gujarat under Modi. People elected Modi with decisive mandate in 2014 and again in 2019. 

In truth the golden era of India had begun from 2014, the day Modi sworn in as Prime Minister for the first time. A person of such humility and humbleness (Modi began his life as chai seller), knew the needs and real problems of millions and millions of poor people of this country and hence focused on development and sab ka vikas. Modi transformed India and saved the country from corrupt, dynastic politics parties which want to swindle our economy through rampant corruption and nepotism.

People of the Karnataka has shown wisdom and commitment to defeat all pseudo-secular political forces that wants to appease minority, defeat the mandate of people and own ideology and form government with those forces against which they fought election and then formed an alliance with such parties after election only to grab power and loot the nation. The best example is the recent political treachery of Shiv Sena-NCP-INC experiment.


People of Karnataka has realized the truth that the state need a decisive government and honest leadership – Modi and because of such wish and commitment to the nation and its development, voted all most all the candidates of BJP by reposing their trust and faith in Modi’s leadership.

People of India must realize the truth that coalition is the birth place of corruption and deal making. Therefore people of India must defeat coalition experiment by tukde tukde gangs which wants to cause instability by forming a government to loot the nation.

India must stand with Modi to save the nation from tukde tukde gangs attempting to destabilize the country. Country needs development, corruption free governance, politics free of dynastic culture and nepotism and Modi and Amit Shah alone can offer Sab ka vikas and corruption free governance.


Stability, development, corruption free governance and sab ka vikas should be the vision people of India must support and elect.  Let us save our country and make it prosperous by supporting Modi unconditionally.

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