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Alex Carey: Player to watch out for (Ind vs Aus 2020)

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I'm only for write some interesting cricket articles..

Australia Tour Of India 2020 is something that everyone’s looking for. Australian Odi team is good enough to beat any team in any condition but can they beat India in India? In Bowling department they are looking good and even in top order but the main problem is their middle order. Their is no Stoinis and Maxwell in their middle order. So all responsibilities are on Handscomb, Labuschagne and Alex Carey.

We saw Handscomb last year in India and Labuschagne’s form in test cricket right is something serious but the question is, Is this Australian middle order will play spin well? Well my answer is not completely 100% yes but 50% is yes because they have Alex Carey factor in their squad. Alex Carey is in good form in limited overs. He has been doing well from world cup. The way Alex Carey plays the spin bowling that’s something which will give satisfaction to the Australians. His Inside out shots are beautiful and sometimes you feel wow. How he plays so beautiful!

But again He’s good against fast bowler as well. He plays ramp shot, plays in V as well and with his remarkable way to plays in covers, I think he is the who will play a vital role for Australia in middle overs against the KUL-CHA and Jadeja. So lets see how this series will go for him but Mark my words “Alex Carey is serious talent”.

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I'm only for write some interesting cricket articles..

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