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Ajit Pawar – Has he received the hug of Dritrashtra or he going to be Shalya in the alliance?

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The great theatre artist Ajit Pawar has summarized his acting and finally got the proud and affection filled hug from the NCP supremo Sharad Pawar.  The question is whether the hug he received from his uncle was exactly the same hug of blind Dridarastra that he offered to Bhima after war or Ajith Pawar going to be the new Shalya in the alliance is matter of time to prove.

Either the prodigal son may be placated and made deputy chief minister of the state so that he is kept at arms distance or may be isolated and marginalized.

From the reports that had appeared in various new media portals suggest that Ajit Pawar is much unhappy with Shiv Sena and INC than with NCP and wants NCP to ensure rotational chief minister-ship so that Ajit Pawer too can put in his bio-data someday the former chief minister of Maharashtra once.

If Ajit Pawar is made deputy chief minister, in all probability he may act like Shalya and sure would demoralize the alliance and would expose all its contradictions because he has to capture NCP as the senior Pawar is already 79, his daughter is no match to his stature in Maharashtra.  The game is still on or not yet over.

Like how Duryodhana made Karna king, then made him the commander in chief during Mahabharat war, tricked to Shalya to be his charioteer, Sharad pawar too has made Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray the chief minister of the state, barred Ajit Pawar from demanding for rotational chief minister-ship.

Shalya was a king and brother of Pandu’s wife. Similarly Ajit Pawar is the next heir to the throne both in party as well as in government whenever NCP alliance could form government.  But when a golden opportunity that came to the lap of NCP, senior Pawar does not want Ajit Pawar to extract more juice not because Sharad Pawar does not want more juice but does not want Ajit Pawar grow big in the party and master over Sharad Pawar in deal making.

The curious part of the game is not yet over or known.

If Ajit Pawar is made as deputy chief minister to avoid some unnecessary un-rest in NCP and factionalism, certainly such an arrangement may save NCP but not the alliance. In all probability, Ajit Pawar may play the role of Shalya. If Sharad Pawar decides to protect the alliance dharma and Shiv Sena and marginalize Ajit Pawar, NCP factionalism leading to breakage of the party cannot be ruled out.  Therefore the forgiveness given to Ajit Pawar by Sharad Pawar and subsequent hug of Supriya Sule of Ajit Pawar must be also looked at from a different perspective.

Was the hug indirectly meant like that of Dritrashtra over Bhima after war?  The anger of Dritrashtra crushed a rocky status of Bhima but thanks to Lord Krishna, Bhima did not get crushed by Dritrashtra but the can Ajit Pawar escape unhurt by the politics of his uncle?

Anyway the people of Maharashtra are the one going to pay for the above experiment and people of the state must accept they were the cause for the above instability. India needs a stable, single party government and only then the decisions can be bold and development centric. If people elect coalition government, naturally such government is likely to sink in corruption and dynastic politics.

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