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A request from an honest tax payer

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Respected Prime Minister, India

Sir, I am a common citizen-voter of India who works hard to fulfill my dreams and make life of family members convenient. As I was common middle class person, I have completed my education using education loan and with initial hurdles in my career now working with a well known software company. Unlike multi-millionaire, actors, political leaders, I have paid my taxes honestly from my meagre earning since the day one of my job.

Sir, I truly love my country and respect every citizen of my country, however recent controversies leaves me wondering, is government making justice with my hard earned money which I contribute to the progress and well being of my country? I am asking this question because, government is funding some universities like JNU, AMU etc. from tax payers money, and what we are getting in return is really depressing. Not one but there are a series of controversies and violent protests reported from these universities. Mentioning some of them here;
1. Anti-India slogans
2. Protest for capital punishment of terrorists
3. Vandalizing statue of Swami Vivekanand ji
4. CAB, NRC protest

Sir, I understand the value of protest in democracy but those protests should be peaceful and non-violent, but the protests in which targeting public properties, pelting stones, petrol bombs on police etc. shows their true faces.

Sir, sometimes I consider myself as responsible for this as they are growing on money which me or common men are paying in terms of taxes. So to make justice with my hard earned money, I humbly request you to grant me certain percentage of rebate on my income tax. I do not wish to contribute for the education or betterment of those whose hidden agenda is disturbing the common man’s life in my country.

Thank you,

Common citizen of India

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