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Trust deficit and insecurity had driven MK Stalin, the owner of DMK to become a self-notarized dictator

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In the recent meeting, the dynast president of DMK has furthered his power and authority in the party by becoming the general secretary of the party as well. DMK is a family driven enterprise and therefore every decision in DMK is made only by the members of one family.

If DMK cadres agrees to such culture and politics and still wants to continue in DMK with the hope of power one day, what else people can say other than simple all the best wish.

Even after becoming the president of DMK it looks like MK Stalin is not feeling secured. The General Secretary post was held by Anbazhagan but due to his age and poor health, he wants to be relieved of from the position. There are several senior leaders in DMK like Durai Murugan, TN Nehru etc., and some of the senior leader could have been made the General Secretary of DMK. But the DMK had changed its by-laws accordingly to make MK Stalin as General Secretary as well of the party. Now MK Stalin holds both the post of President and General Secretary of DMK. Interestingly MK Stalin is also the Chief Ministerial face of DMK. It looks like MK Stalin become judge, jury and executioner of the party. We have to wait for a while to see whether Stalin alone remains as the only cadre of the party as well.

It is all about fear. The fear is bound to occur when the quality and merit are not there with the leader who led the party. Any great leader can be different from the rest only when the leader display his or her exemplary vision and connect with people of the state. Amma, MGR, EPS are the best examples for great leaders.

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are the two such honest, decisive and assertive leaders ever India has seen since independence. Today entire India is after PM Modi because of his corruption free, development centric governance and his commit to ensure sub ka vikas.

It looks like Stalin sees more danger from within DMK than from AIADMK or from others. All decision making powers in DMK, Stalin does not want to give to others and instead he wants to retain either to himself or to the members of his family. The above fear and insecurity are sufficient to defeat DMK.

The recent statement of MK Stalin that he would become an autocrat in DMK is nothing new but sending a clear message that DMK is ownership based enterprise, has clear owner, succession plan and its key customers are voters and not the office bearers.

All the office bearers are nothing by employees in a corporate with different designations and decision making authority. Other than that, the owner’s voice is final. Who is the owner of DMK also Stalin told clearly in the meeting.

Stalin also openly admitted that he is no match for M Karunanidhi, not a great orator, writer or Tamil Scholar. However he is the owner of the party and he has legally inherited DMK from his father as paternal gift. Therefor do not compare me with Karunanidhi or say I am far too less than Karunanidhi but remember I am the owner of DMK. 

In a sense, Stalin has nailed the right point that owner needs not be competent, highly qualified, talented, smart but still he shall remain powerful over everyone because he is the owner of the enterprise.

MK Stalin appears to have made it clear to the office bearers of the party that they should view Stalin not as a leader like how they used to connect with Karunanidhi but realize the truth that Stalin is the owner of DMK and hence he holds the final say in the party.

Owners demand their employees to work for the organization and not to the society. The new approach of Stalin to appoint nearly one lakh party workers in various posts looks like what most owners of any enterprise would do.

Party, the power within the party, ownership proving etc., only looks like matters to DMK. The question before the state is that whether they need such political force to rule the state? If the answer is not, then people must wake up to the impending danger and must start working for BJP to save the state.

Between Stalin and EPS, EPS is the great leader with no comparison. Between the two, the electorates can close their eyes, deafen the ears and shut the thinking and can choose EPS over Stalin. The decision will be not only perfect but also intelligent.

Tamil Nadu was a land of great Bhakti tradition, divine worship and in a sense a land blessed by God. But Dravidian politics of EV Ramasamy Naicker and partly by DMK, the Bhakti tradition of the state has been destroyed and anti-God, anti-Hindu rhetoric has been perpetuated and Hindu Gods and Hindu festivals alone were abused and mocked selectively as a part of a well-orchestrated minority appeasement politics by DMK.

Hope people of the state will realize the bitter truth that dynastic politics will not do any good to the state except it can only breed corruption, nepotism and sycophancy. Let us make the state great by defeating all dynastic forces.

Look at the sad state of affairs in Maharashtra where Shiv Sena chief has jettison the state’s interest and people’s mandate just for his son become chief minister of Maharashtra. Do we need such politics unfolded in Tamil Nadu also?

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