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How Britain’s Labour Party forcefully silences Indian Jewish critics

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I am an anamoly, at times I am a minority and at times I am a micro minority at times I am a atomic micro minority at times I am a human being.

I am a Gujarati and an Indian and a Jew and a bene Yisraeli and a Zionist and pro India and pro Israel and somewhere my voice as a human being is swept away. I am forced to speak up about the injustices heaped on me and my community of 3 people of Bene Yisrael, Gujarati Indian Jews in whole of Europe of 585 million people. The three being myself, my wife and my daughter.

The Metropolitan Police, Labour controlled Harrow Council and Jeremy Corbyn’s Office have turned our lives upside down since I criticised his party’s and his largesse towards Pakistani Muslim community and surrounding himself with acolytes and lackeys who are anti Indian, anti Hindu, anti Semitic and anti Jewish and anti Israeli and antiTrump and even anti USA through and through.

I had written to Jeremy Corbyn in June and July that violent anti Hindu anti Indian and anti Modi rallies will be taking place outside Indian High Commission and this will lead to bloodshed, arson, wanton acts of violence against Indians, Hindus, Sikhs and Jains and any patriot Indian joining the pro India Independence Day festivities.

I wrote to him in August and September that since he did not heed my emails, violence took place and a pregnant woman who came for Independence Day celebrations was kicked in the stomach by Pakistani goons and she went into labour , her husband has his hair shaven off and fingers crushed, an old Indian woman’s hair was pulled and her glass crushed by Pakistani goons, a Sikh older boy’s turban was taken off and Pakistani women and men with beards and mullah headdress tried to lynch him calling him traitor. I also wrote to Jeremy Corbyn that such anti Indian rallies send a message that Indians are not welcome in London and it is being taken over by Islamists and jihadi mindset holding fundamentalists.

We were attending as Jewish Indian couple and my wife’s tichel Jewish partial head covering was torn off by Pakistani Muslim woman and my kipah was taken off with force and spat on by Muslim Pakistani men . My daughter was all shaken up. We decided to leave immediately and couldn’t come to the Indian high commission due to this racist anti Indian riot allowed to take place by Labour controlled city mayor Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn (who claimed that Indian patriots need to have ‘their heads beaten in so they know what’s right and wrong’ in Jan 2019) and the Labour Party which has become anti Indian anti Modi and anti Hindu anti Israel anti Jewish and anti Zionist through and through without shame or remorse.

I decided to recreate a video of my daughter singing Yerushalayim to send to Bibi Netanyahu to rouse Likud troops before the election .

I titled it Jewish Queen Esther lioness of Jewish people asks Corbyn to resign now and this video was on YouTube and I was called by Jeremy Corbyn’s Office to remove it immediately or if not ‘there will be repercussions and consequences and we will section you and drug you forever, don’t mess with us, Jew dog’. I can’t take this to the Met Police because I can’t afford to bribe them enough and they sell themselves to highest bidder. Maybe one day!!

And on 20th of September days after I had officially become a complainant to Equalities and Human Rights Commission inquiry into antisemitism in Labour Party, a mental health act application was made to section me as per the threat given to me. The illegal action was disturbing and a social suicide for my wife and I. So many people came in without so much as flashing a badge, three were freelance reporters, two were Momentum and Labour activists masquerading as Medical staff, and seven police officers all from Harrow Met police.

I believe that the justice of the peace was lied to and the emotional stress and trauma caused to me and my family for the illegal placing of my name in MHA has been detrimental to my career and my life. We are now forced to sell our home to leave London. Illegal misuse of MHA on me has led to such social marginalisation and has led to social suicide. This was a politically motivated use of MHA and misapplied to my name. Such illegal action meant that I am now demanding an immediate inquiry take place ASAP to right this wrong as this has led to my rights as a British citizen to be curtailed and my rights to live a happy free and confident life has been damaged and curtailed and my rights and that of my family to a private free life without interference .

Since my official complaint to Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party,I was threatened by his office that if I do not take back my complaint and excuse myself from inclusion in the EHRC investigation into Antisemitism in Labour Party as one of the complainants, I will have to ‘watch my back and if you continue pushing this, we will drug you forever and destroy you etc….’ , on the day of the illegal action, the senior social worker said that this was done because I had written about Jeremy Corbyn and spoke about Harry and Meghan with your wife and discussed the royal family. We spoke in the sanctity safety and security of our own private home as a Jewish couple and is it a crime to discuss them. I was asked if I am a member of the Republic (antimonarchist organisation) as this could be considered treason and should not work with them and should not speak anything anti royal or against monarchy as ‘citizenships given can be taken away’ ‘why don’t you discuss India or something your people understand!’.

Now that one understands how bad this is and how traumatic and personally devastating just for ‘crime’ of speaking for India, for Israel and for our Jewish faith. One wonders what help if any can be provided to us, not one person from the wider white British Jewry have been forthcoming and we as Indian brown skinned Jews have been shown the place we occupy as Indians, as Jews and bene Yisraeli Gujarati Jewish family. One laments the fact that colour and race is the one thing that differentiates how a Jew is treated and how a human being is treated. We have learn this the hard way and still we persevere and we fight for Judaism, for Israel for India and for our right to be and exist and not to be crushed and our words muffled and voice muzzled.

Who will stand with us now? Who will show solidarity? Who will be with our community of three a Bene Yisraeli Gujarati Jewish micro community? Who will stand with us as human beings? Who will speak for us? Who will be our voice and our words ? Who will give us justice?

We await and we fight for our rights!

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