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Heightened Putra Moh (पुत्र मोह) – the business of Dridarashtra, Kaikeyi and Shakuni in Maharashtra 

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Soon after the wonderful judgment of Honourable Supreme Court of India in favour of building Ram temple at the birth place of Lord Ram- Ayodhya and BJP forming government in Haryana (Kurushetra) the symbolic place where Mahabharat war took place several centuries ago, Maharashtra and India are now witnessing a new age politics where Dridarashtra and Kaikeyi along with Shakuni are discussing about how to form a formidable alliance to jettison governance in Maharashtra.

The metaphor of Dridarashtra and Kaikeyi are used only to present certain facts that how the putra moh (पुत्र मोह) of the then King of Kurushetra – the Dridarashtra and the same putra moh of one of the wives of then king of Ayodhya – Dasharatha, the Kaikeyi had jettison the rule of law in both princely states and invited war.

The question is not about father or mother having boundless love for their son or daughter. Our value system and Hinduism always promote family relationship and duties of parents and their children in taking care of each other. Therefore the problem is not about putra moh. But can we allow putra moh to rule our state and suppress merit and democratic norms?

How can we blame Kaikeyi for sending Lord Ram to forest for long 14 years? It was Dasharatha who gave such advantage to Kaikeyi to make such demand. Certainly the role of Manthira cannot be seen lightly in the demand of Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi wants her son to rule Ayodhya so the only way was to get rid of Lord Ram to forest for long 14 years.

Similarly can we blame Dridarashtra for Mahabharat war? Dridarashtra wants to see his son as the king of Kurushetra and not the son of Pandu, his brother, was quite natural. But none of the great teachers and wise men in Kurushetra kingdom showed courage and decisiveness to correct the blind Dridarashtra. The result was the emergence and fall of Duryodhana and Dushashana and prolonged endurance of Kurushetra kingdom and its people.

Narendra Modi and BJP have been opposing dynastic politics because the dynastic politics is the birth place of nepotism, corruption, mismanagement, inefficiency, culture of sycophancy and mutiny. From extreme down south to Jammu and Kashmir the political dynasty was only making travesty in Indian politics until PM Modi enters the national scene.

DMK in extreme south of India and PDP, NC in extreme north are the best examples for dynastic parties in India besides the Indian National Congress.

The political agreement between Shiv Sena, NCP and INC in Maharashtra looks like the coming together of Dridarashtra, Kaikeyi and Shakuni to protect and promote family politics and having their children made as Chief Minister of the state. It is so unfortunate that Putra Moh has pushed Shiva Sena to go to this extreme level of politics knowing fully well that Shiva Sena has no future in Maharashtra beyond this season.

People of India must wake up from their lethargy and indifference. People of India must pledge that they would eliminate dynastic politics from India and will not elect family centric political forces hereafter.

India needs national a party – BJP to keep, guard and promote our national identity and governance free from corruption and nepotism. Regional parties really drag India backward due to the polarized regional politics.

India must move forward as one nation, one election, one tax and one cultural identity- Hinduism and only then India can advance and prosper further. India also needs one strong national party and decisive leaders like Modi and Amit Shah.

When we feel pained and regret at the way Shiv Sena, INC combines have demoralized Maharashtra voters, we also must pledge that correcting the system is in our hands. People should not see anything beyond BJP and must unconditionally support and promote BJP to save India. Punish and eliminate all those dynastic forces from Indian politics through your franchise and support Modiji to make India a great land.

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