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Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa lived by example so is Modi, mission Swacch Bharat in Mahabalipuram

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Billions and billions of people across the world in general and in India, in particular worship, adore and support PM Modi mainly because the world has so far not seen such an honest person like Modi in politics. Modi is not only honest but also leads people by setting example though his own life and by actions. He walks the talk. Governing India is not that easy even with thumbing majority. In fact India needs a benevolent dictator than decent democracy because our sacred culture and tradition has not fully embraced all Indians under one umbrella called Bharatiya due to several regional forces play negative role against such unity of diversity.

PM Modi was the second leader next to Mahatma Gandhi to promote and popularize Swachh Bharat mission, sensitising people about its importance, building crores of toilets to poor people in villages and proving them drinking water facility etc.

Our health and economy always go together with our responsibility and commitment to protect our environment and hygiene living. PM Modi not only inspired but also has enthused people to partner in Swachh Bharat mission and inspired people to keep the mind also clean from corrupt thoughts and deeds by initiating tireless war against corruption, scam and nepotism in bureaucracy and politics.

The responsibility and sensitivity shown by PM Modi in engaging directly in cleaning the beach in Mahabalipuram by collecting all plastic wastes on the shore has really touched and moved even the hearts and minds of those who live just to abuse and criticize Modi and do it as their only profession.

It was told that once a boy was brought by his mother to Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and requested Swamiji to advise her son not to consume lots of sweet, Ramskrishna Paramahansa told the mother to bring her son the next day. On next day Swamiji has advised the boy not to eat lots of sweet. Out of surprise and curiosity, the mother had asked Swamiji why the same advice he did not give the previous day. To her doubt, Swamiji has told that he too had taken some sweet the last day and hence he was not morally right to offer such advice to her son the previous day. Only when we practice, we should preach was the logic of Swamiji.

The present generation has not seen Ramakrishan Paramahansa but have heard a lot about him and his student Swami Vivekananda. But PM Modi has re-lived through the teachings of Ramakrishna Paramahansa through his action by collecting all plastic wastes from Mahabalipuram beach when came to receive and have an informal meet with the president of China.

PM Modi is a leader of uncommon honesty, simplicity, commitment and decisiveness. People believe, love, adore and support Modiji because he walks the talk and never engage in hollow promises or political rhetoric and semantics.

If we analyse why Modi is different from most of the other political leaders in the opposition? The answer is simple. Modi follows the great tradition of India in letter and spirit, believes in theory of karma, follow the paths of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna paramahansa, Ramana Maharshi etc.

Modi is focusing on development, progress and success. When people develop and enjoy the luxury of the present day materialist life and comforts, people also must grow spiritually and only they become socially and societally responsible, can do lots of good to people below poverty line and make the nation collectively progressive. Hinduism believes in two separate state of being such as jeevathma and paramatma. PM Modi is the example for paramathma in paramathma as he believes in sab ka vikas, wellness, wealth and boundless joy of everyone in the world.

Like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna who too had to face several abuses and criticism. Today many opposition parties who lost their purpose and objective of looting the nation by coming to power and appease minority to divide the society so that their political capital is always safe, are abusing and criticising Modi.

Time has come people of India must stay together by re-tracing our cultural identity and must support Modi unconditionally to save India from several corrupt, dynastic forces and break India team. Stable India, strong India and decisive India need a stable and majority government.  Good government by a true leader needs no opposition like God and godliness to exist we do not need ghost or evil forces.  Good and God are not the counter or anti-product of bad and evil.

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