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Why DMK oppose Bhagavat Gita, reflect the statement of super star about Modi and Amit Shah

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The sagacity and leadership maturity of Anna University in Chennai to introduce Bhagavat Gita as an audit course (non-compulsory) for the post graduate students of engineering and other technical courses needs to be appreciated and soon, all other educational institutions including schools in India must teach the essence of Bhagavat Gita to students from class one. The think tank of the world through ages have admired and praised the essence of Gita and have said that reading and practicing Gita would give eternal joy and boundless wisdom to people to remain responsible and at the same time without expectation, dejection, greed, attachment but be dutiful.

It is not the educational qualification that makes one a great scientist or doctor or engineer but how one integrate ones emotion and intelligence at the hour of crisis in taking right decisions both at individual level and for the society. Bhagavat Gita talks about honesty, commitment, duty without expectation, karma sudhi and management of own thoughts, actions, resources and time etc., to attain eternal happiness called ‘sthitaprajna.

The power and strength of India is diversity and such diversity could exist in India since time immemorial is because of our living culture called Hinduism. When world leaders, renowned scientist like Albert Einstein, great poets and writers praise and admire Gita, all of them in all probability would have read only the English or other language translations and not the original Gita written in Sanskrit. It means Bhagavat Gita is available in all most all languages so that everyone can read and enlighten with the essentials of Gita.

Bhagavat Gita is not only the sacred text of Hindus or India but is the cradle and candle for imperishable wisdom to the world. Gita not only sharpens the behaviour, but shapes the behaviour, elicit extraordinary sense of application of mind, management principles, sharp focus, how not to yield to confusion and dissolution, how the commitment must flow through us without expectation of any reward or gift etc., when we anchor to commitment at being level.

DMK has every reason to oppose Gita because it wants to survive through its same old cheque called Hindi agitation, oppose Brahim, oppose Hindu God, oppose Sanskrit, oppose Sanadana dharma etc. As a result of its negative and hate mongering politics, the Tamil people have lost their identity and are searching whether they are Tamils or Dravidians or Hindus etc. The people of India are fundamentally Indians. Due to different languages spoken in different parts of India, people when migrated, got distributed and settled in different parts, adapted to the local style and otherwise the language and culture were meant only to connect all people living in the given geographical landmass. From that point of view if we look at India, all Indians were and are followers of Hinduism in one form or other irrespective of their recent religious affiliations.

Hinduism is linked to our culture, civilization, tradition, living style and the way we think and it has less to do with our logical or rational thinking. Hinduism is our soul and feeling at the being level and not in showcasing the belief system like other religion where its religious boundaries are set and defined by its founders.

Bhagavat Gita is the mantra to our soul and to our inner voice. Even Sonia Gandhi told once that her inner voice told her to appoint Manmohan Singh as prime minister. It was Dr Subramanian Swamy and then President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam who questioned the constitutionality of a person born in Italy and later become an India citizen, but such intervention triggered the inner voice of Sonia Gandhi as claimed by her. The point of debate is not about Sonia Gandhi but the existence of inner voice.

Teaching Gita should be made compulsory and not as an optional subject and is necessary to reform our education. It is not just the educational advancement of people, the behavioural advancement, the overall growth and development of our mind, not just brain is important. Our education also must impart leadership insights from our ancient scriptures to tell the students how ancient is our civilization and how relevant such wisdom is even today.

DMK is trying to en-cash the same cheque it had issued way back in late 1950’s in the form of Hindi agitation because DMK does not have any agenda or leadership but the cadre base is a bit strong today but soon would diffuse.

All that DMK knows is its old trick which is not going to work anymore because the colour, flavour and contour of Indian politics and Tamil Nadu politics has changed since 2014. Modi has brought honesty, transparency, accountability, corruption free governance, sab ka vikas to the centre stage for winning election.

People of Tamil Nadu must defeat all those hate mongers and those who promote hatred, hate Hindi, abuse Hinduism and Sanadhana dharma, God, Bhagavat Gita etc., only then the state can be saved.

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