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Spiritual renaissance and economic conservatism go together – Economy under Modi is strong and stable

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The spiritual awareness otherwise called as spiritual renaissance, moral discipline, self-consciousness, ethical and moral generality towards the self and environment etc., when happens, bound to cause a small slump in economy which can be referred as economic conservatism.

In letter and spirit, when spiritual awakening takes place, people move from materialistic world to spiritual world where they often seek near permanent happiness than mere comfort and avoid easy go life at the expense of modern luxury. Modi has brought a tectonic shift not only in Indian politics but also in the way people think and conduct self since 2014.

Corruption was once glorified, celebrated and coronated by the then congress government and UPA and UPA2, rightfully the, then prime minister Manmohan Singh diluted and justified the rampant corruption allegations against his government as the side effects of coalition compulsion.


PM Modi has kindled the human consciousness through political discourse, good governance, corruption free administration and made people to follow and support performing government than certain political ideologies like how a herd of sheep would follow the shepherd.

Most of the government departments were made accountable, transparent, and responsible and time bound. The great missions like swachh bharat, skill India, importance of self-discipline for health through practice of yoga, invocation of the great legacy and tradition of Hindu culture, cow protection etc., in fact has kindled the moral and spiritual values in people in our country. The citizens individually and collectively became more responsible and started to practice several austerity measures and self- discipline. In a sense people become spiritual than utterly materialistic, wants to be dandy life with full of pomp and prodigality.

Economic conservatism at individual level and at the level of society has been taking place since 2014. The best example being, no to limited use of crackers during festivals like Diwali etc., Due to the new awareness among people about noise pollution, smoke pollution and accumulation of paper waste due to bursting crackers, people have started to reduce the use of crackers even during the important festivals like Diwali. Should we describe such change in the behaviour of people in our society due the above reason as bad or good? If we say it is good, then should we not accept the closure of several small scale traders engaged in cracker and firework manufacturing and selling is also good?


Spirituality is bound to cause economic slump and even make people to think twice about their karma which is well known even in our epics and mythology. Arjuna due to his sudden spiritual awakening lost his interest in crown, glory, kingdom etc., which he does not want to attain by by killing his teachers, uncle, grand-father, brothers etc. Budha renounced his kingdom and become a monk which is known to all. King Ashoka after Kalinga war become a follower of Budha and renounced his kingdom.

The economic slump that we experience in automobile sector is also partly due to economic conservatism followed by people as a result of spiritual awakening. People are becoming more conscious of the expenditure, started to gauge the given expenditure whether they are must or avoidable etc., and this spiritual prudence among people also has slightly slumped the economy.

PM Modi has controlled the inflation well below 5%. Whenever the inflation increases, money flow in the market is bound to increase. But Modi has made the household expenditure without inflation and hence people are extremely happy in India although the opposition parties are engaged in negative propaganda, which gets no buying.


Our economy is neither declining nor facing stagnation but is getting stabilized in order to jump to the next trajectory of growth. A responsible, cultured, spiritually awakened, accountable society alone can remain happy. The index of happiness is not only the materialistic aggrandizement but also the spiritual consciousness and spiritual renaissance which is happening in India thanks to Modi. Therefore the economic uncertainty or decline as hyped by the opposition parties holds no meaning and merit.

People of India must continue to support Modi to make India a great land where rotten dynastic politics and governance full of corruption and scam are not present.

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